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2023 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Innovation Forum

The 2023 Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Forum took place July 13 in Shenzhen. 

Huawei announced its royalty rates for its patent license program at the event. 

The event's mini-site is here

The theme video is immediately below. Scrolling further down are video excerpts from the event.   

This is an excerpt of the keynote remarks from Huawei's Chief Legal Officer Song Liuping.   

Below, Alan Fan, Vice president and head of intellectual property rights at Huawei, explains how innovation relates to intellectual property rights.   

How can technology impact film makers? Antonio Zhang is the founder of G.H. Productions and a member of the Chinese Society of Cinematographers and China Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. He explains.   

Martin Antiphon is a sound engineer and 3D audio designer at Music Unit. Never heard of 3D sound? Let Martin enlighten you.   

The event ended with an animated Q&A sessions with Alan Fan and Song Liuping.   

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