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We Decode Women who Code

Women can code. And they make valuable contributions, like developing apps that meet the unique needs of women.

Although their ranks are growing, women software developers are still a minority in the tech industry.  In this series, recorded for the 2021 HMS app innovation contest Apps UP, we learn from six trail blazers what it’s like to be a female coder.

Gen Ashley, Founder of Tech(K)Now

A developer herself, London-based Gen is passionate about encouraging other women to join the tech industry. That is why she started Tech(K)Now Day, a tech conference for women.

Jaqueline Rogers, Founder My Pregnancy Journey

Jaqueline Rogers created an app to help African women improve their pregnancy outcomes. Here, she tells her story with contagious enthusiasm.Laura Morillovelarde, Tech Leader at Seedtag

Laura Morillovelarde, Tech Leader at Seedtag

In high school, when Laura said she wanted to study computer science, a teacher told her it was not for her. After 15 years in the tech industry, she now manages several people at a tech startup.  If she had to do it again, she wouldn’t change the path she traveled.

Shi Yuhong, Huawei student developer

After two months as an intern, Yuhong learned some key points about being a developer. First, while both female and male hairlines tend to recede over time, they do so differently. And secondly, there’s absolutely no reason women can’t code as well as men.

Shen Qiu, Developer at AR Dinosaur World

A professor, coder, and entrepreneur, Shen Qiu enjoys filling her life with new challenges. One of her great fears is to become dull. From listening to her, it’s clear it’s a remote possibility.

Chen Meiru, software developer for Harmony OS

Constantly striving to improve herself, Meiru got incensed when a male colleague told her she wasn’t strong enough to work overtime. She firmly believes that women belong in the tech industry.

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