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Ghana Women win award for their water tester

WaterBits, a water quality predictor that uses AI, has taken home not one but two Huawei ICT Competition Awards in the 2021–2022 Global Final. The solution got the second prize in the innovation competition and the team represented by Esther, Gladys, and Martha from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in the Republic of Ghana also won this year's Women in TECH Award.

The idea for WaterBits was born out of inspiration to solve real-life issues. Ghana is a tropical country located near the equator in western Africa. Due to the climate and its economic struggles, the country faces high risks of water shortages. According to the electronic media Ghana Economy, there is severe water pollution caused by poor sewage treatment and illegal gold mining. Even today, one fifth of Ghana's population lacks access to clean drinking water. In addition, in recent years, several children in Ghana were killed by diseases caused by water pollution.

To make water access safer for locals, the team had an idea. With Esther's and Martha's understanding of AI technologies and Gladys's expertise in biological sample analysis, they decided to design an instrument to help people quickly determine water quality. 

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