Security and Trustworthiness

Security and trustworthiness is becoming the cornerstone of a fully connected, intelligent world.

In an intelligent world where everything is connected, it is essential that ICT infrastructure operations are secure and stable and that data and user privacy are fully protected. This will ensure everyone can trust and easily enjoy the convenience brought about by technological advances in this new world.

All stakeholders have a role to play in ensuring trustworthiness, security, and stability in cyberspace. Huawei supports and promotes an open, secure, stable, and peaceful cyberspace, and respects and protects all basic human rights advocated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN, including those related to privacy and communications. We ensure cyber security and protect user personal data in accordance with all applicable laws and industry best practices.

Supporting network stability is our paramount social responsibility. We strive to ensure that everyone is able to communicate, access data, and share information anytime, anywhere. Specifically, we have established a comprehensive customer network support system that covers a range of areas, including organizational structures, designated personnel, processes, and IT tools. We have also established a mature business continuity management (BCM) system to ensure our supply continuity and the timely delivery of our products and services to customers during key events. The BCM system provides contingency plans for a range of emergencies, such as major natural disasters; political, economic, and trade upheavals; social conflicts; and cyber-attacks.

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