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Sailing vertically into the new blue ocean

A wave of digitization is sweeping the globe and the trend is accelerating. Every industry is beginning the process of digital transformation: this is the next wave of development and it’s arrived.

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Experts' Forum

Top of the food chain: Creating value for operators with full cloudification

With data centers at the core running the show, full cloudification is the way telcos can create true value.

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Safe and secure in the clouds

The cloud creates a whole new network environment. But, it needs to be protected. Here's how to do it.

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Thinking outside the box with Integrated Telecom Cloud

Integrating IT and CT services and carrying them on the same platform was once impossible. Not anymore thanks to an innovative solution.


Getting down to business with CloudVPN

The B2B market is a new blue ocean. Telcos already have the right ships and fuel to set sail and look for this business treasure. Find the map here.

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Cloud Native goes beyond virtualization

There are 3 phases to fully network cloudification and 95% of telcos have started the journey. But do you have the best strategy?


CloudVPN: Service deployment has never been faster or easier

Simplify how you deploy services. CloudVPN is the industry's only complete E2E solution of its type for carriers and enterprises.


Four challenges, three phases, and a one-stop transformation solution

How can you build a powerful infrastructure with SDN and NFV in a one-stop solution? Here's how.

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How to Operate

Telecom Argentina: Transforming into 2020 with cloud

Positioning NFV front and center, Telecom Argentina plans to be all on cloud by 2020. Find out how.

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Getting closer to you: MEC@CloudEdge

It's time to get closer to users so they can have a better experience and you can stop wasting bandwidth. Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) architecture offers the perfect solution.

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All Cloud starts at the core

Your first stop to full cloudification should start with the handler of real-time applications - core networks.

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A new silver lining for MBB when networks go cloudy

Compete with OTT players by expanding your business boundaries with cloud networks.