Of all Chinese media agencies, Phoenix TV is the most influential globally, thanks to its satellite broadcasting platform covering more than 150 countries and regions. Phoenix TV strives to integrate all media platforms including television, broadcasting, website and mobile phone, in order to enhance the ubiquity of information access worldwide.

Driven by the demand for comprehensive transformation, Phoenix TV’s ICT architecture will tackle unprecedented challenges. Huawei Distributed Cloud Data Center (DC²) is here to help. It unifies Phoenix TV’s nine globally distributed data centers into one cloud, thereby enabling unified management. As a result, Phoenix staff all over the world can work on the same platform and share data and resources, significantly improving efficiency. As a result, the latest news can be spread all over the world within five minutes.

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“Huawei has invested tremendous R&D resources in the media field and we share the similar strategy. Besides, they have strong technical support capabilities worldwide. That’s why we chose to partner with Huawei.”

Wang Hongbo, Deputy Director of Information Management, Phoenix TV

Huawei designs Distributed Cloud Data Center architecture based on cloud computing and SDN, achieving cross-regional business deployment for Phoenix TV.

Phoenix TV utilizes Huawei’s FusionSphere cloud operation system, IDS2000 modular data center, and the OceanStor storage system. The onsite assembly takes only four to twelve weeks and increases room and server resource utilization by 30% and 60%, respectively, while decreasing OPEX 20% at the same time.

“Huawei’s E2E cloud data center solution enables us to deploy the safe and stable platform based on cloud-computing, speeding up our IT transformation pace.”

Wang Hongbo, Deputy Director of Information Management, Phoenix TV

Distributed Cloud Data Center ( DC² )

The next-generation data center architecture is based on cloud computing, SDN and a unified date center management system, which helps integrate data center resources and improve cross-regional management.

OceanStor Big Data Storage System

The OceanStor storage system with high scalability and efficiency can handle huge amounts of data.

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