As a famous cultural city with a long history, Nanjing is about to open wider to the outside world, accelerating the process of internationalization. Within the past two years, Nanjing held two global sports events, seizing the opportunity to display attractiveness and strength. These events were held at huge venues jam-packed with hordes of attendees, placing a huge load on events communication support systems.

Huawei used an eLTE solution to build Nanjing’s government service private network. The network needed to provide high performance communication as well as command and dispatch functions in order to ensure smooth operation of the games. The solution ensured voice and multi-media (video) trunking communications and dispatch services. It also provided powerful tools for the committee staff to conduct visualized command operation, which is essential during such events.

After successfully supporting high-traffic events, the network remains extremely useful; it enables video capture systems, comprehensive command and dispatch in government affairs, public security, traffic police, fire-fighting, medical, hydrology, electricity information, and sharing between the information systems of various departments. The solution helped to make Nanjing a smart and safe city – the accomplishment is a milestone of big data application in big cities.

"The Asian Youth Games were supported by a TD-LTE trunking solution, which provides professional trunking service and mobile video surveillance at the same time. The TD-LTE trunking solution has played an important role in dealing with emergencies and guaranteeing the security of major events."

Li Nan, Member of Organizing Committee of Asian Youth Games

Voice & video dispatch: The eLTE-based multimedia digital broadband trunking system offers not only high capacity voice trunking communications, but also connects fixed cameras, aerial photos taken by drones, communication security vehicles and hand-held terminals via wireless broadband. It enables those devices to send back pictures and footage from 360°, ensuring that blind spots do not exist.

A unified network: The TD-LTE wireless network can provide a 50 Mbps upstream transmission rate, and enables convergent video and voice functions at terminals, allowing the main operation center to collect HD video of the stadiums and the whole city. Thanks to the video conference call system and the TD-LTE multimedia trunking system, athletes management, the training venue, and indoor & outdoor competition venue are all supported by efficient dispatching and flexible control.

Two-way efficient interaction: Organizing staff were able to distribute video images to other surveillance spots, coupled with real-time voice communications and SMS/MMS, the commanding system could connect different layers of the organization committee and send out orders effectively, ensuring the highest efficiency in daily security and emergencies.

"The eLTE delivered voice and video dispatch for the organizing committee, playing a significant role in the success of the games.”

Li Nan, Member of Organizing Committee of Asian Youth Games

Huawei eLTE broadband trunking solution

A customizable solution suitable for government, transportation, energy, electricity and other sectors, Huawei eLTE broadband trunking solution supports high performance mobile trunked communication and helps customers to improve operation efficiency.

One of the first professional-grade multi-media trunking solutions, eLTE broadband trunking solution enables 100M multi-media and live video in dispatching, as well as improving operations efficiency. The solution features professional trunking capacity with set out delay less than 300ms and taking-over delay less than 150ms. It also supports multi-spectrum, enables flexible deployment, and adapts to cruel environments.

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