The State Information Center (SIC) is a deputy-ministerial agency approved by the State Council of China. The SIC is tasked with developing government information resources and implementing a large number of critical e-government projects at the national level. In China, the SIC is the e-government agency with the most departments to serve and the most diverse types of service to provide.

Initially, e-government within China lacked proper planning, which resulted in repeat investments, information silos, and poor system interoperability. Because of this, e-government systems failed to play their hoped-for role in maximizing the efficacy of government functions.

To address the challenges, the Chinese government began to develop more robust e-government systems that focused on interoperability, reliability, business collaboration, and resource convergence. The first strategic step was the National E-government Extranet Project. If the influence on cross-regional traffic was not considered during solution design, the central backbone WAN might be unstable and compromise the functionality of the extranet. Huawei provided its NE Series Router solution to address these challenges. These routers played a key role in integrating the resources of the administration departments at different levels to achieve information sharing and collaboration in service delivery.

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Two points were most impressive to me. The first is the high reliability of the devices. We procured Huawei's devices in 2005, which have now been running reliably for more than a decade. The second is comprehensive device functionality.
We needed the backbone extranet to support MPLS VPN and access devices to support complex policy control. Our requirements were fully addressed by Huawei's devices.

— Xu Chunxue, Director, E-government Extranet Technical Management Dept, State Information Center, National E-government Extranet Management Center

We’d like to express our gratitude of Huawei for long-term close partnerships professional support and excellent solutions. Huawei is a trustworthy partner.

— Yang Shaoliang, Deputy Director, Public Technology Dept, State Information Center, Deputy Director, National E-government Extranet Management Center

In the face of challenges such as service siloing, security assurance,
and data sharing and access management, Huawei's solutions ensured the
high performance of networks and the high efficiency of government service provision.

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