Established more than 103 years, Indonesia's only mutual insurance company, AJB Bumiputera 1912, was founded to meet the specific needs of Indonesian citizens. Over time, the company has evolved to meet the changing need of its customers.

To continue its leadership in the insurance industry, Bumiputera needed to redirect its focus toward digital transformation, beginning with the upgrading of its data center to better address the needs of modern Indonesians.

Bumiputera is very aware that many of its customers are now always engaged and constantly on. They envisioned a future where self-service or on-demand service is a prime focus, and saw the need to deploy a more flexible data center that could address future needs. They also sought to establish a disaster recovery site that could ensure core applications would be able to continue in the event of a disaster.

Huawei provided the necessary hardware and architecture expertise for managing and deploying the relocation of Bumiputera's data center, while ensuring that the resulting data center building met the regulations of the Indonesian Finance Authority Service.

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Huawei and its partners have developed a tightly integrated solution comprised of hardware, services, and applications that harness the expertise of everyone involved and made all the difference in the success of our data center deployment.

— Rustiyarso Sosiawan, Head of IT, AJB Bumiputera

Together with its partners, Huawei successfully capitalized on its disaster
recovery experience and virtualization expertise to deliver a solution that
enabled Bumiputera to succeed in the future.

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