To the people of Monaco, the Monte Carlo F1 Grand Prix isn’t just another race; it’s actually a substantial contributor to the city-state’s GDP. Roughly 37,000 people normally reside in the two-square-kilometer enclave, but when Formula One comes to town, that number increases sixfold. Network coverage is Monaco is challenging even in the best of times, with mountains on three sides and a harbor full of yachts on the other. But during race week, the local infrastructure is a whole other level of busy.

During a major event, like a sporting match or festival, network overload not only reduces upload & download speeds, but “signaling storms” can even prevent regular phone calls from getting through. This is not a situation you want to have for an event like the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, where many of the attendees will be global media or jet setters. Incumbent operator Monaco Telecom turned to Huawei to assure that its network kept humming for VIP and backpacker alike during the big event. Huawei responded with its Key Event Assurance Service.

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“With customers and data services doubling since last year, the network performed extremely well. This is an impressive guarantee on reliability. ”

Thierry Berthouloux, CTO, Monaco Telecom

Prior to the event, historical data from Monaco Telecom, and experiential data from previous Huawei regarding similar events, were combined to create high-quality predictive analytics, with a wide variety of scenarios simulated, both in the lab and in the field.

During the event itself, onsite teams worked with remote experts to ensure timely resolution of any issues that cropped up. Certain network parameters were adjusted to ensure better operation in a heavy traffic environment (and later returned to baseline after the event). Did all of this help? You bet it did. Voice access rates were only slightly off from normal during the event, and Monaco Telecom executives had plenty of good things to say about Huawei when all was said and done (see below).

“Our recent cooperation with Huawei has been very positive. This reinforced our confidence of choosing Huawei as a partner to give the assurance of superior mobile network quality during the F1 Grand Prix. ”

Thierry Berthouloux, CTO, Monaco Telecom

Huawei Key Event Assurance Service

Special event assurance is oriented around “prevention before—protection during—passing knowledge after.” Operational capacity and stability are assured, business experience supplied to customers by Huawei. Our Key Event Assurance Service has already covered over 200 global events and festivals, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2010 Toronto Winter Olympics, the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the 2012 Poland/Ukraine Football European Championship, and the 2012 London Olympics.

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