Founded in 1949, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), located in Yogyakarta, is Indonesia's oldest and largest university of higher learning. The institution has approximately 55,000 students, 2,500 faculty members, and a campus that spans 360 acres. As the school seeks to achieve a seamless network experience that is shared between its two campuses, the biggest challenge to school campus networks is bandwidth. The decade old campus network had to serve two campuses and connect more than 25 application systems that include research, teaching, administration, library, and the campus' all-in-one card systems. Connection was slow and unstable, which presented challenges to teaching and learning.

After much consideration and evaluation, to ensure seamless connectivity across the campus, Huawei provided the Agile Campus Network Solution – a solution that creates a new, highly reliable network offering high bandwidth, total Wi-Fi coverage, and easy management and maintenance.

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Huawei’s dedication and commitment towards solving our connectivity issues is a true demonstration of the company’s belief in the progress of education in Indonesia. The improved access to the Internet for our students and faculty has a concrete effect on the performance of students and the efficacy of our educational reach. It enables the whole academic body to get more education content more quickly and a breakthrough in our collaboration with other institutes of higher learning.

— Widyawan S.T., MSc, PhD, Head of Information Resources and Core Systems, UGM

Huawei's Agile Campus Network with software defined networks solution
provides students and faculty at UGM with fast and dependable
Internet access wherever they were on campus. The university now enjoys lowered
operational costs and easier management of the centralized network.
Huawei's dedication and commitment to solving the connectivity issues
clearly demonstrates the company's belief in the progress of education in Indonesia.

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