Borussia Dortmund has the largest football stadium in Germany, a temple of football that maintains a very high average attendance of some 80,000 fans (a Bundesliga record). To better connect the team with the fans, Dortmund decided to deploy stadium-wide Wi-Fi coverage of a sellout capacity, making for an unprecedented smart stadium experience.

Huawei’s Agile Stadium solution was built to redefine the stadium experience for 80,000 screaming football fans, with moment sharing, in-game questionnaires, instant replay, ticket purchase, and even geolocation/direction all included. Not only does this enable a quantum leap in terms of the fan experience, it brings whole new business opportunities for the club and the stadium.

It takes advanced wireless technology to keep 80,000 fans communicating and streaming without interruption. Agile Stadium includes an intelligent scheduling system for the air interface, double 5GHz RF modules, and other high performance network equipment that delivers speeds of up to 1.75Gbps, going far beyond the industry average.

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A Wi-Fi network must deliver both density and end-to-end integrity, with both especially challenging in a stadium scenario. Thus, Huawei engineers had to employ cutting-edge 3D planning tools for both the design and programming of this Wi-Fi network.

Carsten Cramer, Marketing Director, Dortmund

A WiFi network needs to support dense crowds; has to guarantee from end to end—especially on supporting high density access with high bandwidth aimed at the structure features and access scenes. In order to provide a quality and stable experience for a stadium network, Huawei engineers apply leading 3D planning tools within the WiFi designing and programming.

Huawei applies advanced wireless technology to allow 80,000 fans to all access at once, such as air intelligent scheduling system, double 5G RF module and high performance network equipment of more than 1.75Gbps bandwidth, which are far beyond the industry average.

We’re sure that Huawei’s solution offers excellent technology and performance; every AP serves more than 100 users for high-speed access. Huawei has collaborated with us to understand our business and technical requirements over the years, resulting in providing us many excellent match experiences.

Till Oldemeyer, IT Officer, Dortmund

Huawei High Density Wi-Fi Solution

Supports the most advanced access forms, including 802.11, 802.11n, 802.11ac, MIMO, and implicit beamforming to increase network capacity, with a number of smart dispatch mechanisms employed to satisfy access for long periods of high-density usage.

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