The Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) is one of China’s big-four banks, spanning some 23,400 branches, 30,000+ ATMs, and 450 million customers. However, in recent years, ABC annual turnover has increased by 20% per year, with regulators and customers both becoming more demanding.

Huawei inaugurated ABC’s era of informatized banking through a comprehensive networking solution that encompasses backbone, branch, and data center networks, and aides ABC in the building of its “Blue Ocean Engine” core system, where all IT infrastructure is integrated into a single platform. With this in place, ABC is now capable of “second-level response” to the various transaction requests received from it’s 450 million customers, embracing the future with better connected agile finance.

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“After ABC listed, regulators and customers have had less tolerance for any possible financial error. Even the smallest operational security incident will have a big impact, and even threaten the health of the bank itself. The importance here is obvious.”

Yu Jin, Deputy General Manager of IT Management Department, ABC

Integration – Huawei rethought the whole backbone network and data center network based on ABC’s business characteristics and subsequent business demands, deploying over 160 Huawei 400G high capacity router platforms in the backbone network. Meanwhile, they also deployed over 140 Huawei CE12800 data center switches throughout all data center levels. This will satisfy business development demands for the next five years in numerous areas such as architecture, capacity, reliability, scalability and technology evolution.

Efficiency – According to demand analysis of ABC’s big data processing platform, Huawei provided a solution based on distributed parallel computing clusters of Huawei RH2288 V2 servers. This builds on the foundation of common x86 architecture, supports flexible node additions and all series of processors, and expands the maxima to 24DIMM and 50TB storage capacity.

Safety – Huawei deployed mobile storage medium safety solutions for 200,000 ABC terminals, and through terminal-server authentication, any & all releases of key data information are avoided, without the need for costly specialized gear. With the entire bank network secured increasing, business expansion and innovation can proceed more rapidly.

“The cooperation between ABC and Huawei has lasted for more than two years. Our cooperation was very important and evolved rapidly during this period of time. Huawei is not only a simple manufacturer but an IT services and solutions provider. In the future, we will continue to work together on data center direction, based on cloud platform construction.”

Yue Jiawei, Division Chief of IT and Products Management Department Network Management Division, ABC

CloudEngine 12800 series
of data center switch

Industrial highest switch capacity: 64Tbps high density 10GE/40GE/100G line cards; 4T slot bandwidth with expandability to 10T 1:16 core virtualization; 512 TRILL node.

OceanStor 9000

A storage system designed for big data that uses symmetric distributed architecture, and provides structured & unstructured data to share recourses with its leading capabilities, large scale-out capacity, and super single file system.

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