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Just as mankind evolved over many thousands of years, how we connect and communicate with each other has changed beyond recognition. Since the dawn of time, man’s first fleeting gestures to each other gradually led to the crude etching of symbols on cave walls and then into the most rudimentary of languages, characters and thought processes, and then on to today’s digital tools – all steps on the path towards greater connection. No matter how we change the way of communications, the reason we communicate remains the same: to care for each other and to share ideas. Connecting the world has long been Huawei’s dream: our technology enriches life.

In the future, high-speed connections will be as ubiquitous as air. People and machines will communicate with each other anytime to generate intelligent and informative information to serve our needs. We will take connections for granted and will enjoy the services without even noticing.

Connectivity is where the heart belongs, the mind develops and where the future belongs.

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Digitalization : Think, Act, Accomplish

A profound technological transformation is sweeping the world, impacting our work and lives more than anything that has come before. New technologies that seemed unimaginable in the past are commonplace now, and are playing an increasingly important role in business operations. More and more companies are incorporating connectivity, cloud, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI) into their core processes and management systems, aiming to boost efficiency and competitiveness.

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Connectivity Makes Everything Possible

Connectivity is, in essence, the world's nervous system, and it is extending across the world to the point where it will soon be ubiquitous. From the data torrents of developed countries to the pent up demand of underdeveloped regions; from individuals to enterprises and countries; connectivity will open up unprecedented new possibilities.

Cloud at Your Fingertips

Who wouldn’t be drawn to a low-cost, on-demand, scalable and highly flexible service that drives business? Cloud is definitely good for business, and it is a lynchpin in the global digitization process. Enterprises now need to get closer and work as partners with technology providers to formulate business strategies for the future.

Nervous Systems across the Globe

From monitoring your electricity usage, understanding your driving patterns to keeping escalators safe and preventing water leakage in pipelines, IoT is already improving operational efficiency and will in the future drive digital transformation across business, government and our everyday life.

Machines See the World

From entertainment, live streaming and video chats, to enterprise meetings, surveillance and intelligent manufacturing, video is now a fundamental and premium medium of information delivery that is reshaping the world in many ways. As a significant enabler of digital transformation, video is evolving from a basic element of business to a fundamental capability that’s essential to all forms of enterprise.

Digitalize the Government

Governments have a responsibility to digitalize public services to enable a robust, thriving, business community, increase citizen engagement and drive overall economic prosperity. It requires clear policy initiatives, good ICT infrastructure, open platforms and a government commitment to ensure the long-term success.

Future Transportation Drives Exceptional Experiences

We are moving toward a world where railways, highways, waterways and airways can be integrated to create a seamless automated global network. Future transportation will be safer and more efficient, less congested and highly energy efficient, making our cities cleaner and quieter and creating an exceptional experience for people.

Smart Manufacturing across the Value Chain

Manufacturing will continue to play a vital role in the world’s economic development. However, competitive advantage is now being redefined in an operating environment reshaped by technological shifts, economic uncertainty and fast-changing consumption patterns.

Banking in the Age of Internet Finance

The evolution of banking, driven by digitalization, will change the way banks serve their customers and conduct their businesses. The use of cashless payment, remote video banking and credit checks leveraging big data are all on the rise. More new products and more new and different initiatives arising from financial technologies are expected in future.

From cost reduction to value exploration

Energy price pressure is forcing oil and gas producers to be more agile in all aspects of their operations. Despite budget constraints, oil and gas companies are still planning to invest in digital technologies as they not only help reduce costs but also generate value in the long run.

Road to New Opportunities and Growth

As business growth is slowing due to intense competition, traditional carrier businesses need to renew their business structure and explore new opportunities for growth. Carriers are uniquely placed to ride the drive to digitalization and capture the associated revenue.

What’s possible when the whole world connects?

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