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In the framework of Huawei Spain CSR strategy ‘Creating Opportunities through Education’, in collaboration with the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), launched the first edition of the training program ‘El Futuro de las TIC’ in 2013. This initiative has an annual basis and is part of Huawei’s global education program ‘Seeds for the Future’. The training program, funded entirely by Huawei, is two weeks based on the field of Telecommunications and Technology Research and is included in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Huawei and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism in September 2012, during the visit of the former Minister José Manuel Soria to the R&D center of Huawei in Shanghai.

‘El Futuro de las TIC’ is a training program for students enrolled in 2nd or 3rd year from engineering university (telecommunications and/or computer science) aged under 26 years old. In its first edition, the program had a very positive outcome for all participants and since then it has been held for four editions. Until 2016, a total of 60 Spanish engineer students have had the opportunity to visit the company’s headquarter in Shenzhen (China) and attend training workshops about the ICT’s future.

For more information about ‘Seeds for the Future’ in Spain: