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Huawei Australia Unveils Innovation Centre for Customer Collaboration


Sydney, July 5, 2018: Huawei has unveiled its Customer Solution Integration and Innovation Experience Centre (CSIC) for the Australian market, underlining its commitment to support Australia’s economic transformation with digital connectivity.  

The state-of-the-art centre was inaugurated by Ms Chen Lifang, Huawei global board member who is also on the Australian board, and Corporate Senior Vice President. Also presiding at the opening ceremony was George Huang Ji, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei Australia. 

The facility provides technology and space for customers, partners and stakeholders to meet with Huawei executives and engineers to optimize products and solutions as well as plan for future projects. It also includes a new data centre with high-powered computing and network capabilities for testing and scenario planning.

(From Left to right: Huawei Australia CEO George Huang, Huawei Australia Chairman John Lord, Huawei Corporate Senior Vice President Chen Lifang )

The centre has been designed as an innovation hub and centre of excellence for contributions to an open ecosystem for Australia’s ICT industry and accelerate digital as well as economic transformation. This innovative platform also allows for designing and testing of technology solutions, verifying new business models, and nurturing applications and services for both the public and private sectors. Work can be undertaken for the future of telecoms networks, IoT, Video and Big Data.

“Huawei is committed to understanding trends so we can create innovative solutions to address major challenges and opportunities. Australia often has unique environmental, demographic or geographic situations. What has been in the past called the tyranny of distance is a crucial feature of the Australian market for customers. We are increasingly deploying technology and data to bridge those physical and connectivity gaps, bringing people close together online for personal, family or business reasons,” said Mr John Lord. 

Mr John Lord said: “Australia is at a pivotal stage in its digital transformation. Our customers in Australia are among some of the most innovative in the world and Huawei wants to continue partnering with them. We have worked hard to become a global leader in technologies such as 5G, cloud and IoT, vital for Australian business and industry over the next few years. Australians tell me they want to embrace technological change. Huawei is more than willing to work with them, even if those aspirations are uniquely Australian and local, to connect with the world. Our vision and mission is to bring digital to every person, home and organization for an intelligent future.”