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Huawei is helping connect the unconnected all over the world.

Video Gallery

Here’s a look at some of the lives being transformed in Europe, Asia, Africa, and even the United States

Connecting Bangladesh
In the early 2000s, few Bangladeshis had mobile phones. Twenty years on, nearly everyone does – thanks in part to networks rolled out by Huawei.

RuralStar in Nigeria
Nigeria wants entrepreneurs, farmers and families to have universal mobile service no matter where they live. See how an innovation called RuralStar made it happen.

Huawei in the heartland
Shot several years ago, this video shows that before restrictions were imposed, Huawei helped small US telecom operators bring broadband connectivity to underserved communities in rural America.

When the “unconnected’ live in Paris  
A former French chef learns to do his taxes online, with help from Huawei’s Digitruck.

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