Building a Better Connected World

Huawei eco-Connect is a platform to further develop joint solutions for industries and to build winning collaborations in the areas of cloud services such as Smart and Safe City, Carrier IT, IoT, Video, Finance. Together with our partners, we are helping our customers to achieve business success and build a Better Connected World.

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”

– Bill Gates

Millions of devices been active around the world every year and thousands of contents been created every day. How sure that your creative content been seen by the world?

Global AudienceReach viewers across 200+ countries, deliver your content flawlessly on over 300+ operator’s network and monetize from over billions of subscribers.

Beyond Media DeliveryCollaborate to expand your effectiveness to reach viewers, have full visibility of your target audience and grow your VAS revenue by tapping into operator network capabilities on advertisements, mobility and licensing.

Improve Video ExperienceSecured and optimized E2E scale results in consistent content provider satisfaction across the globe, and as a bonus, lower your delivery cost for your content.

Strength in LocalStretch your marketing reach without marketing spent and improve viewership by leveraging on operator’s strength to promote your content to the right audience, at the right time, and using the right techniques.

Make Video a Basic Service

By 2020, an estimated 85% of data traffic will come from video services, creating a market worth trillions of dollars and opportunities that operator can’t afford to miss. Content and video are redefining the telecom industry. For operators, video is not really a matter of choice. It's clear that video is becoming a new basic service. It's a matter of fact, and it will open the doors to huge growth potential.

The strategic window of video business opportunity is now open for telecom operators. Operators should make video as one of their key strategies, fully utilize pipe advantage; accelerate the development of convergent video, mobile video and industry video. Operators can achieve continuous success in video business by building up industry ecosystem, exploring innovative business models including broadband monetization, experience monetization and eco-system monetization.

Content AggregationAddresses the problem of content fragmentation, helping operators reduce costs and difficulties associated with content acquisition and management.


Network ScalabilityRobust, highly scalable and TCO optimized network designed to deliver exceptional video experiences, be it for entertainment, communications, broadcast or enterprise use.

Convergent PlatformVirtual platform to simplify the everyday running your video business. Enable flexibility to open up network capabilities beyond your original scope by exposing them in the internet domain to be consume by local and global businesses.

Enable the success of operator's businessProvide business and network consulting in video to enable operators' business success, develop standard of measurement to better inform operators in the construction of their networks.

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