Building a Better Connected World

Huawei eco-Connect is a platform to further develop joint solutions for industries and to build winning collaborations in the areas of cloud services such as Smart and Safe City, Carrier IT, IoT, Video, Finance. Together with our partners, we are helping our customers to achieve business success and build a Better Connected World.

Huawei aims to build an E2E (enterprise-to-enterprise) cloud ecosystem, which includes leading open source technology, top core enterprise applications, multi-choice IT solutions, leading vertical industry solutions, managed service and cloud migration capabilities.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a large and complex universe because different things have different connectivity requirements. We need impact the Internet of Things to create an incredible tranformative space in our lives, so that we live better, safer and more connected.

Video has become an integral part of our lives and work, opening up enormous market potential for Telco Operators. It is of no wonder that the number of players who are involved in the video business have grown rapidly over the past years. Through our collaborations with globalpartners, we have developed standards and several successful use cases, giving the operators a better reference for their future implementation.

The demand for better user experience is constantly on the rise. Too many Operators and no single point of entry have literallyhad the Content Providers turned their backs on efforts to explore possible cooperation. We offer Content Providers a hosting platform that aggregatestheir contents for single point of access by all mobile, home, and business users.