Building a Better Connected World

Huawei eco-Connect is a platform to further develop joint solutions for industries and to build winning collaborations in the areas of cloud services such as Smart and Safe City, Carrier IT, IoT, Video, Finance. Together with our partners, we are helping our customers to achieve business success and build a Better Connected World.

IoT Driving Innovation in Industry Verticals

Internet of Things (IoT) are key to solve the problems incurred during the connection and communication between production lines, control systems, and IT systems, in the various vertical industries.

Huawei's quintessential solution is based upon core technologies which encompass IoT, cloud computing, and big data to provide a standard, secure, open and industrial vertical enabled solutions. The Industrial IoT solution integrates data, device, and operation management. Through the implementation of unified and secure network access, flexible device adaptation, and massive data collection and analysis, it contributes significantly to generate a new potential revenue source.

IoT-enabled Smart CityIn a smart city, street lights become the entry point of the Internet of Things. In a medium-sized city, more than ten thousand street lights were installed with cameras, all kinds of sensors and WiFi connections. These street lights can be taken as “devices” in the smart city; they can collect various data, such as density, traffic, noise, and air quality. Based on these data, an Internet of things platform can feed many different applications.

Internet of VehicleThe IoV (Internet of Vehicle) is an inevitable convergence of the Mobile Internet and the Internet of Things on all new and aftermarket vehicles, either fitted or integrated with two-way RF equipment encompasses information communication, environmental protection, energy conservation and safety. The IoV brings enormous values to the OEM vehicle manufacturers, Usage Based Insurance companies, and Fleet Management enterprises.

Internet of Elevator Connected Elevator solutions entail deployment of camera monitors, sensors, communication devices, and other safety devices so that real-time situation inside elevators can be monitored by CCTV cameras along with alarms. Issues can be reported to the Command Centre instantaneously, which can trigger the request for spare parts and technicians. The IoE solution not only ensures better safety of passengers but also savings on maintenance cost.

Internet of Smart BuildingThe smart building solutions facilitate efficiency in energy consumption. Strategic partnership with various partners in the ecosystem has allowed Huawei to provide energy efficiency and automation to the commercial buildings, thus enhancing the energy rating of these buildings.

Big Data AnalyticsUses hierarchical intelligence and control to provide real-time intelligence in Vehicles, Building Management, Transportation, Water Utility, and etc. Together with ecosystem partners, we break the barrier of big data analytics in vertical industry market.

IoT as a Service

The future is about intelligent society where all things are connected at a massive scale via a plethora of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, which poses a huge challenge in connectivity methods. This creates a window of opportunity to generate trillions of dollars in revenue for Operators in expanding phased-mode IoT value chain including: Connectivity, Device Management, Applications & Services, as well as Data Analytics.

Huawei, along with Partners’ open cooperation, build application and device ecosystems, and actively collaborate with Global Standards Organizations and Industry Alliances to create global standards and develop commercial applications for vertical industries, such as the public utilities, smart homes, manufacturing, and connected cars.

Generate New Connectivity RevenueIoT is a fast growing industry with rapidly increasing adoption rates, not just conventional connectivity management but also in creating new revenue streams from device management, service orchestration, and data analytics. The transportation and automotive industry is a great example of a market that involves millions of connections that creates demands for large quantities of data, making it one of the few IoT segments with high ARPUs.

Secure Existing BusinessOperators can explore different vertical IoT services to offer bundled services to protect and complement the existing connectivity revenue. For instance, Operators can offer Smart Home solutions to support the core broadband revenue, and Connected Car services with WiFi bundle to expand and improve the Fixed and Mobile Broadband revenue and to ensure better user experience to all existing customers.

Venture into New VerticalsOperators can even move up the value chain by offering various vertical market applications on top of the IoT Platform. Applications including Connected Car to Fleet Management, Utilities, Smart Home and Smart City, Manufacturing and Connected Elevators, Agriculture and Environment, as well as Health and Education can be deployed to generate incremental revenue from the new verticals, which are defining unprecedented business cases and models.

The Worldwide Internet of Things market will grow to $1.7 trillion in 2020

- Worldwide Internet of Things Forecast, 2015-2020(IDC #256397)

IoT is becoming the next big thing, where everything will be connected. Huawei maintains a tenacious focus on ICT technologies and builds a vertical IoT ecosystem with the integration of ICT technologies into verticals to drive innovation and industry modernization, bringing together multiple industry interoperability, artificial intelligence, and collaboration to create new capabilities to offer bundled services, hence increasing the value chain and revenue.

DiversityCreating new capabilities and richer experience through Huawei IoT platform that caters to multiple vertical markets including Connected Car, Smart Home, Utility, Energy, Healthcare for more than 80 excellent partners over the world.


OpenOpenness based on Industry standards, Huawei’s one-stop partner services provides more than 170 open APIs to facilitate Network App SDK, Connection Management APIs, Security Management APIs and Data Management APIs to offer evaluation, development, integration, testing and certification facilities. This method is not only bringing new services quickly to the market but also encouraging innovation in vertical sectors.

AgileAgile accessibility through gateways, controller and platform is key. Huawei provides a full series of IoT agents to enable quick access to various gateways and terminals through integrated OceanConnect platform. APIs on the application layer can be invoked by 3rd party applications to achieve secure device control and remote management.

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