Building a Better Connected World

Huawei eco-Connect is a platform to further develop joint solutions for industries and to build winning collaborations in the areas of cloud services such as Smart and Safe City, Carrier IT, IoT, Video, Finance. Together with our partners, we are helping our customers to achieve business success and build a Better Connected World.

Huawei Cloud Ecosystem

an Open, Collaborative, Win-win Business and Technology Network

In the Cloud-era, enterprises will need to have both competitive and ecological advantages, hence the importance of ecological system is more pronounced now than ever.

The Huawei Cloud ecosystem will abide by the following core concepts:
• A bigger pie is better than a bigger piece of a shrinking pie
• Managing cooperation is more important than managing competition
• Benefit sharing is the driving force behind the evolution of the ecosystem – the result of its successful development.

Huawei aims to build an E2E (enterprise-to-enterprise) cloud ecosystem, which includes leading open source technology, top core enterprise applications, multi-choice IT solutions, leading vertical industry solutions, managed service and cloud migration capabilities.

Technical EcosystemHuawei cloud platform fully embrace open source technology such as Openstack, Hadoop, Docker and etc. to provide cloud-native API and total compatibility with open source ecosystem. The cloud platform can import multi categories of applications to fully meet clients’ IT requests. It can also provide Windows Server, Red Hat Linux, SUSE, Ubuntu and Oracle Linux to match 95% of enterprises’ OS requirements. In terms of security, Huawei provides compliant and trusted E2E security options, where worked with top 20 security partners like Symantec and Trend to extend professional and one-stop security services to our partners and customers. In addition, Huawei collaborates with Bitnami to offer open source app images on the cloud platform.

Application EcosystemHuawei works with top core enterprise applications vendors like SAP and Microsoft to offer database, ERP, CRM, collaboration and other horizontal solutions. These cloud-based solutions allow Carriers to quickly develop clients to meet the enterprise digital transformation objective.

Business EcosystemHuawei works with leading government, finance, manufacturing, safe city, media and other vertical industry solution partners to provide cloud-based vertical solutions, where we collaborate with ANSYS and ESI to deliver efficient and low-cost cloud-based CAD/CAE/PLM solutions for customers. A sample case is where video management solution vendors, i.e. Geostar, ESRI and Yitu, built a video management and security solution on top of Huawei Cloud platform to offer low-cost security GIS service to Carriers and Governments.

Big Data AnalyticsUses hierarchical intelligence and control to provide real-time intelligence in Vehicles, Building Management, Transportation, Water Utility, and etc. Together with ecosystem partners, we break the barrier of big data analytics in vertical industry market.

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