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Industry Views

Softbank robotics talks about consumer robots and cloud computing

Rodolphe Gelin, EVP & Chief Scientific Officer Softbank Robotics deems that the debut of consumer robots in the B2B market is just a beginning and B2C represents the true blue ocean market. The future consumer robots will require an enormous amount of cloud computing, imposing high requirements on connectivity capabilities.

5G and indusrty in BOSCH's eyes

Leopold Beer, Regional President of Asia Pacific Bosch Sensortec believes that cellular communications will be an important option for consumer electronic products. With its openness, 5G presents tremendous potential opportunities for industry customers.

Noitom's opinion on cloudification and 5G

Tristan Dai, Co-Founder & CTO of Noitom Ltd. is positive that AR/VR is currently at a start-up stage, bearing great development potential. Full cloudification is the future trend, with 5G forming the solid fundamental base architecture of the technology.

X Labs, Born for Exploring

Stone Shi, President of Huawei Wireless X Labs introduces the composition and purposes of X Labs, as well as how X Labs research results are released.

DJI talks about drone

Michael Perry, Vice President of Corporate Marketing of DJI describes the complexities involved in meeting the requirements of normal consumers and professional users from the aspects of user experience, performance, and usability of drones. DJI considers user experience, battery endurance, and connectivity as the three key factors.