Voice over Broadband

Core Assets Monetization

Today’s telecommunications networks serve end users through a variety of access technologies. Huawei’s Voice Over Broadband solution addresses this multiple access capability with a single solution. 3G/4G, LTE, Docsis, xDSL, FTTH, WiFi, 10/100/gE are all supported within a single ecosystem. And not only voice!. Video person-to-person or multi-party or Web multi-media real time communications are supported. SMS, Screen Sharing, and much more. Residential and Business services are supported. The solution supports a 3rd party ecosystem to allow carriers to extend the service capabilities, entertain alternative business models, and address specific market verticals.

As the following video explains, our solution builds upon the core assets of telecommunications vendors and extends the revenue generation capabilities to new limits. All of this within a single ecosystem to maintain the lowest TCO, highest margin, and the highest customer satisfaction.

Issue 23(08/2015)