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About Business Consulting_s 
With its lasting “customer-first” philosophy, Huawei offers consulting services that help operators sustain their business growth. Since 2006, Huawei consultants have provided professional services for over 120 operators in 72 countries, helping solve critical issues and promote client’s core competence.
Mobile Practice_s
With the telecommunications industry in a state of flux, an operator looking to satisfy customers and improve its own Customer Experience Index (CEI) will need data traffic monetization, user experience enhancement, and ICT transformation.
Fixed Practice_s 
The Fixed Practice team for Huawei’s Business Consulting Department offers a unique value proposition to customers. As opposed to traditional strategic consulting firms, we offer industry focus, global presence, and local wisdom, making for a one-stop, future-proof solution.
Cloud & ICT & Convergence Practice_s
Through its expertise and technological acumen in fixed, wireless, and IP networking, Huawei is ranked amongst the top three telecommunications providers worldwide. IP and cloud convergence remain core to development of the future-proof strategies and solutions that today’s customers demand.
Business Model_s
The Huawei Business Model solution offers a suite of Business Model Innovation tools to cultivate an innovative mindset, including facilitated idea generation workshops, structured decision tree development, filtering and prioritizing of ideas, and interactive theme structuring and planning.
Service-Mobile Network Integration 
Huawei Mobile Network Integration Solutions works collaboratively with the operators to understand their business requirements on all areas including new network construction, network swaps, in-building service and network evolution services.
Service-Fixed Network Integration
Huawei provides fixed network integration solutions including national broadband integration, IMS integration, and fixed network evolution to help operators rapidly build their networks and increase their operating income.
Service-Managed Services
In today’s, rapidly changing and competitive market environment, many operators prefer to let Huawei handle all or parts of the day-to-day operations of their network so they can focus on business activities such as marketing, service creation and subscriber acquisition and retention.
Service-Experience Enhancement
With the focus on network performance and business quality, the performance improvement services of Huawei aims to provide professional service solutions to telecom operators in the network operation and maintenance (O&M) phase.
Service-Network Assurance
Secured, stable and high-efficiency network operation are the key elements for ensuring network brand and operation profit. Huawei is able to provide reliable support and assurance, tailored solution to customers, enable the better income from investment.
Service-Competency Consulting
The Competence Consulting Solution can help carriers develop their personnel to ensure that employees possess the technical competence required by their position, to build visualized capability integration models, and provide clear, quantifiable assessment with improvement systems.
Huawei can offer you dedicated learning solutions to address inevitable competence gaps, improve overall operation efficiency and boost teams’ performance.
Huawei Certification
Huawei can provide IP technical competence assessment services for the telecom industry and enterprises. Include three certification levels :Huawei Certified Datacom Associate, Huawei Certified Datacom Professional, Huawei Certified Datacom Expert.
Service-End to End Delivery
Huawei Delivery places importance on the building and continuous optimization of processes. Huawei Delivery develops E2E delivery processes by focusing on product features and customer requirements.
Service-Multi-scenario Delivery Capability
Huawei has extensive experience working in multi-vendor, multi-product, and multi-service scenarios for network roll-out, expansion and upgrade, and O&M.
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