Huawei OSS has been serving Huawei Managed Services for Telecom Service Providers (CSPs). From 100+ OSS deployments in Managed Services projects, Huawei have developed the mature products and solution suites and the operation and technology management experiences have been distilled and accumulated to become Huawei Telco Value Assets.

Huawei continuously accumulate the best practice of user experience, the best on-line to offline orchestration model, the most efficient resource management practices to help CPSs optimize operation, improve efficiency, and reduce costs, thereby enhancing market competitiveness. Huawei has become a new generation OSS partner with full of telco experiences and IT infrastructure management capability.

The popularity of smart phones and computers along with the fast development of cloud computing have accelerated the growth in bandwidth requirements for Communications Providers in the United States. Video and other new broadband services leads to explosive network traffic growth and with this growth the evolution to All-IP and ultra-broadband network becomes the trend. Such fast development of network has brought significant challenges to network operations and maintenance activities...

The uTraffic is a unified performance management platform of Huawei, which provides network traffic and direction management and visualized pipe quality for the bearer network. It covers all network equipment and performance solutions, aiming to achieve an industry-leading intelligent network pipe management solution.