PTN 910

The PTN 910 is a multi-service access box located at the edge of the transport network and provides multiple unique functions such as any media access, any media synchronization, and any media management. A leading mobile bearer solution in the GSM/UMTS/LTE era, the PTN 910 helps build an end-to-end metropolitan packet transport network with other PTN products, provides the best solution to reduce TCO, and improves the efficiency of deployment and O&M.


Adopts an all-packet architecture to construct a platform for the uniform access and bearer of multiple services in the All-IP era; featuring high-bandwidth and low-delay, the PTN 910 helps reduce the network TCO.

Provides E1 (TDM/IMA/ML-PPP), FE/GE (optical/electrical), channelized STM-1, and xDSL interfaces. As a result, resources such as the fiber, and copper cable are available for fast network deployment.

Provides the IEEE 1588v2 clock, synchronous Ethernet clock, and NTR clock, which solve the clock synchronization problem of mobile packet bearer networks and reduce investment in network synchronization.

The U2000 network management system (NMS) helps to achieve visual graphics management, end-to-end one-key provision for BTS services, and fast fault location within 30 seconds. With the convenient service configuration and the sound OAM and fault detection mechanism, the PTN 910 enhances the manageability, operability, and maintainability of packet bearer networks.

Exempts operators from field software debugging and enables one-time deployment by loading configurations through CF card, remote deployment or debugging through wireless modems. The PTN 910 supports scattered loading and concurrent activation based on software upgrade. With this feature, engineers can upgrade up to 400 NEs per day. In addition, the O&M cost is reduced with maintenance-free designs like air filter and automatic recovery of faulty boards.

Applications & Benefits

Huawei PTN series packet transport Multi-service equipment have been deployed in more than 80 operators worldwide, providing the best solution to reduce TCO, save bandwidth costs, and improve the efficiency deployment and O&M.