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Trends & Insights

A 5G future: Not just smoke and mirrors

5G is the key enabler for high-speed, low-latency wireless broadband services like IoT, AI, VR, AR and connected vehicles. Professor Rahim Tafazolli, Director of 5G Innovation Center and Institute for Communications Systems, explains how 5G technology is evolving and will form the foundation for pervasive wireless business processes in verticals.

MBB 2020

GTI 5G and Cloud Robotics White Paper

Cloud robots are controlled from a “brain” in the cloud. The brain, located in a data center, makes use of Artificial Intelligence and other advanced software technologies to deal with tasks that in traditional robots were undertaken by a local, on-board controller. Compared to local robots, cloud robots will generate new value chains, new technologies, new architectures, new experiences and new business models, this white paper will explore these aspects.

White Paper

The Connected Farm-A Smart Agriculture Market Assessment

The report highlights the potential for telecom operators to help farmers increase efficiency and productivity through smart agriculture. The report also identifies significant opportunities for telecom operators to provide end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) services to contribute to the entire agriculture value chain.

White Paper

Cloud RAN & The Next Generation Mobile Network Architecture

This jointly-produced white paper by Huawei and Heavy Reading investigates state-of-the-art commercial CloudRAN technology, including new architectures, new deployment models, and new services that next-generation RAN will enable. The paper shows how CloudRAN will be fundamental to wide-area connectivity and support an enormous and expanding range of services.

Traffic Blocking Theory for Data Services

Huawei mLAB of Huawei Wireless X Labs, Future Network Theory Lab of Huawei 2012 Labs jointly proposed a new traffic blocking theory for data services. This theory facilitates scientific capacity planning and optimization for data networks

White Paper

5G Service-Guaranteed Network Slicing Whitepaper

China Mobile, Huawei, Deutsche Telekom, and Volkswagen have released their shared vision for the 5G era. In this white paper, the four leading enterprises explore new business models for mobile networks and network evolution to an All Cloud 5G era.

White Paper

Report: The Future of Mobile Broadband

Drawing on interviews with a cross section of industry executives and extensive desk research, this report explores how mobile operators can deliver the connected life between now and 2025.


Mobile Video Report: China Trailblazing Mobile Live Video Market

This report, co-authored by Huawei X Labs, China Mobile Research Institute and Strategy Analytics, focuses on the creation, distribution and consumption of a new form of mobile video: mobile live video streaming.