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Friendly Network

Video experience-based bearer network technical whitepaper

The whitepaper defines the mobile video service experience index, and clarifies the relationship between the index and E2E network KPI, and then benchmarks the network KPI especially the mobile bearer network KPI requiements.

Research Report — Efforts to Improve OTT Video Experience by ICPs

In addition to enriching content, high-quality OTT video experience is also the focus of ICPs.

Trend Analysis of 8K Technology

Huawei iLab will analyze the problems facing 8K technologies in future applications and requirements on networks from the perspectives of technology future proofness, business development trend, and network impact trend.

White Paper on the VR Oriented Bearer Network Requirement (2016)

This document describes the bearer network requirements for VR based on 360 panorama video, presents the major network challenges, and discusses the key technologies and research trend for network support on VR.

Technical White Paper on Mobile Bearer Network Requirements for Mobile Video Services

Video is being critically important service for operators. This white paper defines the user experience assessment system based on U-vMOS for video , and clarifies the bearer network planning methodology.