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Supporting Stable and Secure Network Operations

ICT is progressing at full speed. It is leading to a wave of digital change and has become the major driving force behind global economic growth. Ubiquitous connectivity is reshaping the way we live, ushering in a new digital society. These changes have opened up infinite opportunities for individuals and contributed to a thriving age for networks, which are now an integral part of daily life and production. Nevertheless, these developments also pose challenges to the mission of guaranteeing stable and secure network operations worldwide 24/7. Supporting customers' network stability is at the core of Huawei's commitment to social responsibility. To that end, we have established a comprehensive assurance system that encompasses product design, solutions, and delivery. We have also developed efficient emergency response mechanisms that allow us to quickly restore customer networks and ensure smooth communications for users at critical moments, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, upheavals, wars, and cyber attacks. Thanks to these measures, we can provide the stable communications services that are necessary to safeguard life and property. As the ICT industry continues to advance rapidly, a wave of unprecedented risks has emerged. One of these is cyber security, which requires the joint efforts of all stakeholders to manage. Huawei constantly puts cyber security at the forefront of its efforts and calls for all industry players and governments to make it a priority. Network coverage is now higher than ever. Customers not only require secure and reliable networks, but also secure data storage. Therefore, protecting customers' information assets and user privacy is absolutely critical.
Supported the stability of over
customer networks
Guaranteed network stability during about
events and disasters
Released the
cyber security white paper