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Issue 19(03/2014)

It's all about success! We aim to help you understand the industry better, with operator interviews, success stories and other accounts from industry insiders on what it takes to succeed in the fiercely competitive market.
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ICT is helping a wide range of industries to micro-innovate in a more agile way. With ubiquitous broadband, enterprises, users, and third-party developers are engaging in more and smoother communications and interactions, opening the door to joint innovation.

Voices from Industry

EE was the first to launch LTE and has now launched the world's fastest LTE-A network for an encore. Find out what else the operator has up its sleeve.

The digital divide is narrowing but deepening, and a panel of telco analysts & executives have some thoughts as to what needs to change.

Opportunities abound even as OTT players eat into telco margins. A panel of telco experts share their thoughts on where we go from here.

There are many possible paths to NBN, but none will reach their goal without policy leadership that starts at the top. Read about how this might take shape.

Tao of Business

A group of telco CTOs recently joined Huawei to discuss how LTE can be effectively monetized in a manner that keeps operators at the forefront of the user's mind.

Zain Kuwait has deployed a nationwide LTE network and recently added LTE-A to the mix. Its CEO discusses how the operator plans to be the market leader in enterprise services.

Telcos are losing up to USD80 billion annually to fraud, but most do not have an assertive fraud policy in place. This has to change.


5G means thousandfold gains in capacity, at least 100 billion devices connected, and at least 10Gbps per user. Huawei will lead the way.

E-health is a must in graying societies. A European expert on the subject sat down with WinWin to provide a picture of where the market is and where its going.

Digital Domain is a top Hollywood VFX house. Its CEO recently spared some time for WinWin to discuss the future of blockbuster filmmaking.


Saudi Arabia has a very young, urban, and very social population, and Mobily is a MBB leader in the country.

Thai operator AIS succesfully migrated nine million of its users from 2G to 3G in only five months, through a savvy combination of good operations and good salesmanship.

Huawei's special event coverage solution helped Telecom Italia overcome serious network disruptions during the summer holiday.

With its data traffic surging, China Mobile Tianjin has integrated a PCC service that quickly & effectively monetizes and manages network traffic.

The Tianjin gov't has implemented an LTE TDD trunking solution for communication between its various authorities, the first of its kind.