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Huawei is a global operation, with a growing footprint in North America. At Huawei, we believe that a mix of backgrounds, values and perspectives is vital to the success of the company and its employees. Dedicated and passionate employees are Huawei’s most valuable asset and strongest resource. Huawei strives to ensure that its diversity remains a competitive advantage by fostering a workplace that leverages, respects and values individual differences. Our goal is to provide Huawei employees with unique development opportunities as well as promote the development of a wide variety of talents.

New Hire Programs

Training is an essential element of employee development at Huawei. Our holistic management and technical training programs were developed with the professional growth of every employee in mind. To help ease newcomers into their roles, offices in both the United States and Canada have implemented programs (based on the HQ Huawei University practices) such as a three-day New Employee Orientation Program covering a wide range of topics, including corporate culture, product knowledge, and application skills. In an effort to help new employees familiarize themselves with the company, a “Buddy Program” was introduced to partner new hires with experienced mentors who provide useful knowledge and advice to help newcomers overcome any initial challenges in their new roles as well as inform new hires of expected criteria to achieve career goals.


Huawei has local training centers to educate our customers and local employees on advanced management, technologies, products and processes. To help our customers remain competitive, Huawei provides a wide range of predefined and customized training services for all supported product lines.

Huawei’s North American Training Center includes two classrooms, a technical training lab with remote access capabilities, as well as an eLearning studio to support distance learning.

At Huawei, many training opportunities exist, from informal to very structured. On the informal side, Brown Bag Lunch ‘n’ Learn sessions are held on a monthly basis covering topics of general interest to a broad cross-section of employees. Since there are select employees from China, language and cultural awareness are important. Special language assessment and speaking acquisition/proficiency classes are offered regularly. For topics like Cultural Awareness, seminars are led by business leaders for their respective groups giving them an opportunity to hear directly from members of their organization and share their perspectives.

Structured training is provided to specific target audiences. As an example, training is delivered to the Technical Sales population covering topics like Capability Improvement, Opportunity Management, Contract Quality, Bidding, etc.

Open Communication Channels

A wide range of channels have been established to ensure that employees feel a strong connection with the company. Every month, we have a special gathering to recognize and welcome new employees and celebrate birthdays. Department heads hold regular “all-hands” meetings to keep employees informed, engaged, and in sync with business goals and objectives. Additionally, the company produces a monthly employee newsletter to inform employees about company news, events, new employee spotlights, and other relevant company information.

Employee Recognition

Recognition Awards help encourage excellence in Huawei by recognizing and rewarding exemplary individual and team achievements. Presented annually, the Presidents’ Award goes to employees with the highest contribution to the business. Individual awards, such as the Most Valuable Player, illustrate exemplary accomplishments, outstanding customer service, quality of work, or extraordinary support of work goals and objectives. Huawei also presents employees with Team Awards for excellence in team performance, as well as sales recognition awards, presented on a monthly basis.