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Environmental Protection

Environmental deterioration and accelerated global warming have posted great challenges to the sustainable development of the world economy. The telecom industry consumes a huge quantity of energy annually and the consumption tends to increase year on year. In such a context, energy saving and emissions reduction measures become imperative. Taking “environmental protection” as one of our fundamental strategies for corporate development, Huawei actively communicates with customers about energy saving and environmental protection measures and closely collaborates with enterprises across the industry chain to build energy-efficient telecom networks. Leading the telecom industry towards an era of ‘green communications’, Huawei promotes the sustainable development of the industry towards the eventual achievement of its “Green Communications, Green Huawei and Green World” objectives.

Case: Alternative Energy Solutions

Huawei’s alternative energy solutions include: solar power, solar and diesel hybrid power, wind and solar hybrid power, and a wind, solar and diesel hybrid solution. Because these solutions can be tailored to meet customers’diversified demands and local climates, they can help reduce costs as well as meet energy saving and emission reduction requirements. In 2010, a total of 8,000 hybrid-energy powered stations (including those running on diesel-electricity and recyclable resources) were deployed.