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Community Support

Our future as a business depends on the success of our partners, employees and the communities in which we work. That's why we actively contribute to society and the development of the communities around us. Today Huawei employs more than 1,500 professionals and support staff in 14 U.S. facilities, with more than 75% hired locally. But as a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to doing more than creating jobs. We are making positive contributions to the welfare, education, disaster relief and environmental protection of our local communities.


We sponsor, fund and collaborate with schools across the United States, endowing education networks at many top-rated colleges and universities. In addition to this university-level support, we strongly believe in cultivating learning at the primary school level and donate funds to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs for middle-school and high-school students.

Employee Volunteerism

We encourage our employees to give back to the communities in which we work and live. Employee volunteer activities are as diverse as the employees themselves and include donating school supplies to low-income children; feeding homeless citizens through a mobile soup kitchen; building bicycles for underprivileged children and supporting a wide variety of other causes.

Disaster Relief

When the tragic earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, Huawei employees across North America raised money to help provide urgent and immediate disaster relief to survivors. The funds raised helped provide shelter, food, clean water and medical care to the many people in need of help.