Network and Services Quality Improvement

Network and services quality is the basis for users to choose service providers

With the changing of technology and industry ecosystem, video, mobile payment, on-line shopping, etc. are becoming popular. Mobilization & connected lifestyle drive the change of user behavior.

These emerging services require higher network quality. Operators need to pay attention to the quality of services rather than network overall performance.

The increasing complexity of network architecture and management driven by multi-technology and network evolution, forces service providers to improve the network and services quality urgently.

Challenges of network and services improvement

There are many challenges in terms of network management & optimization. These difficulties lie in the synergy between different networks and the way of maximizing the performance of individual network.

  • Operators put much effort on improving network KPIs; however, the services quality is not improved accordingly. There are still complaints because of poor service quality;
  • It is hard to drill down to the service content, and operators lack means to evaluate service quality, identify issues, or improve service quality;
  • It is hard to proactively avoid network performance deterioration caused by mass data attack;
  • It is hard to solve network & service quality issues because of the increasing complexity of network architecture & services.

The focus is changing from network KPIs to service quality improvement

There are lots of limitations in traditional network and service optimization & monitoring, such as unilateral, passive, high cost and dependence on individual experience.

Nowadays, network & service quality improvement need a systematic, and specific solution, which shifts focal point from a single point network KPI to service quality improvement

Solution for network and service quality improvement

Huawei can provide both Network Performance Management & Improvement and Service Quality Improvement solutions.

Network performance management & improvement

The Network Performance Management (NPM) service provides in-depth and continuous monitoring, analysis, adjustment and management to improve network performance, ensure the effective utilization of resources and guarantee the safe and stable operation, thus effectively reduce the operation cost. The Network Performance Improvement service can help operators effectively improve network performance through optimizing the design of key parts of the network.

Services quality improvement

The Service Quality Improvement(SQI) service includes mobile network voice and data service., It is the Key Quality Index(KQI) system based on the E2E definition of mobile network, which can monitor service quality, make demarcation and locate root causes that influence service quality. The KQI of services can be improved through careful evaluation and optimization.

Quality management competence enhancement of O&M staff

Enhance the knowledge of KQI modeling, establish the competence of service quality monitoring, and improve the competence of rapid E2E service problem identification to get ready for the O&M after SOC transformation.

Solution highlights:

  • Design based on user behavior and operator‘s business to establish the competence criteria of relevant job positions;
  • Change from passive maintenance to proactive maintenance, from KPI management to KQI management, to assure the network operation;
  • Design based on industry success experience to establish capability on mobile network big data analysis and service package design strategy.

Key capabilities of the network and service quality improvement

  • A complete product line and a powerful network optimization capability in the communication area covering RAN, CN, IP backhaul, transmission, microwave and so on
  • Rich delivery experience, global technical expert team, unified platform and tools

The value of network and service quality improvement

  • Efficiently solves complaints about Network and Service Quality. Proactively improves customers satisfaction;
  • Achieves better ranking in Network and Service Quality thus improving the brand;
  • More time to focus on important service instead of worrying about the Network and Service Quality;
  • Improves operation efficiency and reduces cost through transforming from multi-vendor management to single-vendor management;
  • Higher return on investment from full usage of a better network quality.