Huawei's SmartAX MA5600 product series includes the large-capacity SmartAX MA5600 and medium-capacity SmartAX MA5603. The MA5600 is a GE-based IP broadband access device.

Regarded as "the aircraft carrier of the broadband access industry", the MA5600 has powerful bandwidth processing capabilities, decent service functions, and sustainably optimized line features. These capabilities and functions help build optimum broadband networks and strengthen their individual competitiveness.


Large Capacity

The MA5600 supports 64-port ADSL2+ service boards with built-in splitters, which enables a single service subrack to provide services for up to 896 subscribers. A MA5600 cabinet, as a result, can provide services for up to 2,688 subscribers. Even with very little space, operators can still provide services to communities with a high subscriber density. The MA5600 also supports 32-port VDSL2 service boards with built-in splitters and 32-port SHDSL.bis service boards.

Improved Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Access

The MA5600 supports multiple access technologies including VDSL2, ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+, G.SHDSL, and G.SHDSL.bis. In addition, the MA5600 supports four-pair G.SHDSL.bis bonding technology as well as long-distance access in Annex L mode, with a maximum transmission rate of 245 Kbit/s over a distance of 6.5km.

Decent Service Functions

To facilitate service operation, maintenance and expansion, the MA5600 has the following service functions: sound IP routing/forwarding capability, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), pseudo wire emulation edge-to-edge (PWE3), multiple spanning tree protocol (MSTP), link aggregation control protocol (LACP), Ethernet operation, administration, and maintenance (OAM), simple network management protocol (SNMP) v3, Annex M, and Ethernet access.

Enhanced Network Evolution Performance

By supporting end-to-end solutions for smooth evolution from ATM networks to IP networks, the MA5600 can maximize customer network values. With IPv6, the MA5600 can help customers gain future revenue from today's investments. Also, EPON upstream transmission capabilities allow the MA5600 to provide services on FTTx networks.

Applications & Benefits

A pioneer in the IP access industry, Huawei ranked top in the world's DSL market for product delivery in 2009. Huawei has been leading the global IP broadband access market for the last six years.

Huawei's digital subscriber line access multiplexer (DSLAM) products have competitive service functions and good service priority assurance policies, which increase the network bandwidth usage and meet the quality requirements of different services. The MA5600 also supports multiple service access modes, giving subscribers richer services and helping operators build their individual competitive abilities.

The MA5600 can ensure a minimum bandwidth of 30 Mbit/s for each subscriber and supports 1,000 multicast channels for streaming media, such as video on demand, video conferencing, online gaming, high-speed data transmission, high-definition video services, as well as any combination of these services. Such performance enables Huawei's customers to provide customized services for subscribers, which in turn leads to increased subscriber loyalty.