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LG Uplus: Leading the LTE Race
LG Uplus: Leading the LTE Race 

South Korea is second-to-none in LTE, and LG Uplus is now the best of the best, having overcome its larger competitors to offer nationwide coverage (first in the world) that is superior in terms of bandwidth and reach, and profitable to boot.

Customer Talk

Michael Joseph was CEO of Safaricom during M-PESA's birth and later reshaping of Kenya's economy. He has insights to share as to the success & failure of mobile money.
The Executive Director of Consumer Business at Russia’s largest 4G operator comments on the secrets behind its success with LTE, as well as its plans for future technology rollout.
The VP & Managing Director of the Japanese operator’s 5G Laboratory reveals his vision for 5G technology.
Ibrahim Gedeon explains how Canada’s mobile broadband market is driving success and how the sector will evolve.
PCCW-HKT is committed to the comfort, convenience, and efficiency of its customers’ lives, using home networks as a platform for smart living services. Paul Berriman, PCCW-HKT’s Group CTO, has the details.



Customer Views

Agile stadium: What makes it so?

Learn how Huawei's agile stadium solution is helping European football clubs transform their online ecosystems to the benefits of those in the stands.

LG Uplus: Beyond communication

LG Uplus EVP Kim Sun Tae sits down with WinWin to discuss the operator's efforts to change the South Korean lifestyle through a "100% LTE" experience.

PCCW-HKT: Smart Living

PCCW-HKT is leveraging Hong Kong's world-leading broadband speeds to delivering smart living to it's customers. CTO Paul Berriman has the details.

Spark New Zealand gives 700MHz a go

Spark New Zealand COO David Havercroft sits down with WinWin to discuss LTE 700 and how it can help bridge the digital divide.

Optus: Beyond better connected buildings

Optus Deputy Head of M2M Sunil Alury talks how the Australian operator is trying to use smart buildings as a springboard for other M2M ventures.



Issue 21(12/2014)