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Introduction on FusionSphere Cloud OS in SoftCOM Architecture

Libin Dai, Director of Integrated Solution and Bill Zhang, Director of Convergence Marketing of Huawei give an introduction on Huawei's latest progress in constructing SoftCOM architecture, such as SDN/NFV solutions being developed for various application scenarios as well as FusionSphere cloud operation system as an integral foundation of SoftCOM.

Evolving Managed Services

The need of transforming operations to be customer and service focused provides the opportunities for operations to evolve from a supporting role to creating value. Huawei Managed Services can support this transformation in the areas of centralization, converged operations (FMC, CT & IT), service centric operation with 5 key solutions including Managed Network Operation, Managed IT Operation, Managed Service Operation, Managed Planning & Engineering and Managed Business Support.

Managed Services Business Outlook

Dr. Blimegger has shared the development of Huawei Managed Services business, from when the business unit was setup, to change in focus on value creation in recent years. He had also explained the future Huawei Managed Services in the new NFV/SDN era.

Customer Experience Management

Huawei believe in a holistic approach to CEM. Utilizing the Customer Experience Lifecycle together with objective/subjective metrics association we accurately determine all users' perceived experience. With this insight, our solutions can help Telcos to successfully transform their operations to realize the full benefits of CEM.

Operations Transformation: Delivering Operational Excellence

Aligning operations transformation with KBO to reduce operating expenditure, improve operational efficiency, address customer experience and enable new business opportunities.

Video, Creating New Business Value in Telecom Industry

Mr. Paul Michael Scanlan, President of Business & Networking Consulting of Huawei Carrier Network BG, discussed where the Video Everywhere business is heading in coming years. Data traffic's rapid growth is being driven by end users and estimates predict that video traffic will compose the majority of all traffic by 2015. A strong ecosystem and seamless user experience are the most important factors in video business. Huawei have consistently been helping operators to build an operator centered ecosystem by providing end to end solutions such as business and network consulting, technical solutions, and operation and integration services which guarantee the best experience.

LTE Video and LTE eMBMS business development strategies

Motta, Director of MBB Global Solution Marketing Dept, and Janson, Managing Principal consultant of Huawei carrier BG, discussed LTE Video, focusing in the areas of innovative service capabilities and sustainable profitable business models of LTE eMBMS, as well as the challenges operators may face and the relevant commercial strategies.

Operator Video Business Development Strategies

Robin Nan, director of fixed broadband consulting team, Huawei business & network consulting department, Eliz Liu, principal consultant of Huawei, discuss the challenges and business opportunities that video everywhere brought to operators, how should operators achieve video business success by focus on their key assets and leverage their core competence.

Agile Digital Business

In the new digital era, operators are facing a changing competition environment. What new opportunities are awaiting operators? How can Huawei help to prepare for the digital transformation? Ping-an Zhang, President of Huawei Carrier Software & Core Network Business Unit, share his opinion around “Agile Digital Business” with us.

Highlights of Huawei Analyst & Media Briefing, London

Huawei has been meeting with analysts and media from all over the world on Feb 12th – 13th at the Ritz Hotel in London to communicate its strategy in Network Functions Virtualization, a key area within Huawei’s SoftCOM architecture, as well as the latest developments and performance in different areas such as wireless and global services.

Huawei Ultra Mobile Broadband Preview at MWC 2014

At the 2014 Mobile World Congress, Huawei will unveil its global wireless network strategy for leveraging original breakthroughs in mobile network solution design, advanced spectrum aggregation, and cloud-based core network architectures, among others. At the company's booth, numerous informative displays will show how Huawei's end-to-end mobile broadband solution is not only solving today's most pressing capacity and connectivity challenges, but is also expanding new mobile market business opportunities. Continuing advances in mobile networking technologies continue to change our work and everyday lives for the better, and Huawei looks forward to sharing with you its latest insights into the innovations for how mobile changes the world.

Huawei SoftCOM: Converged ICT architecture to create business value

Dr. Sanqi Li, CTO of Huawei Carrier Network BG, discusses the company’s SoftCOM strategy. With the commitment in powering carriers worldwide to create new business value propositions, Huawei is heavily investing in R&D in areas of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technologies, building an innovative cloud OS architecture, as well as actively exploring real business scenarios and models for application.

Everything is changing

Everything is changing

Everything is changing: the way we work, the way we love, the way we live. Because everything is connecting. Huawei for a #BetterConnectedWorld.

Huawei welcomes you to join the journey at MWC 2014

Ding Yun, CEO of Huawei Carrier Network Business Group, welcomes you to join the journey with Huawei for the MWC 2014 in Barcelona.

What to expect from Huawei at MWC 2014?

What can you expect from Huawei at the upcoming MWC 2014? Liu Qingliang, head of Huawei's MWC 2014 program, has the details.


    • Mr. Ryan Ding The roles of government and industry in delivering affordable mobile broadband

      Tuesday 25th Feb. 09:35–11:15
      Mr. Ding Yun, CEO, Carrier Network Business Group

    • Dr. Sanqi Li Building the Future Network

      Monday 24th Feb. 16:00 - 17:30
      Dr. Sanqi Li, CTO, Carrier Network Business Group

    • Colin Giles Building the 50-Billionth Connected Device

      Thursday 27th Feb. 11:30 - 13:00
      Colin Giles, Executive Vice President, Consumer Business Group

    • Chaobin Yang Creating the Next Access Networks

      Monday 24th Feb. 14:00 - 15:30
      Chaobin Yang, CMO of Huawei Wireless

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