Smart Smoke Detector

Fires are always terrifying and alarming. They kill people and ruin families with their destruction. Therefore, it is important to enhance fire safety awareness and reasonably use firefighting equipment to minimize losses and damages. Smoke detectors work like guards for the firefighting system to detect smoke in real time. When smoke density is detected that exceeds the predetermined threshold, a smart smoke detector will send information to the backend server and activate related devices such as alarm bells and speakers. The server will then automatically send the information to the corresponding departments and personnel, which intellectualizes fire safety. However, fire protection specifications require smoke detectors to be densely installed, which leads to difficult cabling and high construction costs. Traditional smoke detectors may report false alarms and cannot interact with people such as property owners, security guards, and fire fighters. In addition, power-consuming regular smoke detectors increase maintenance costs.

NB-IoT Enables Smart Smoke Detection

Solution Highlights

Huawei NB-IoT-based Smart Smoke Detector Solution overcomes multiple disadvantages of traditional smoke detectors such as difficult cabling, short battery life, high maintenance costs, and inability to interact with people. This solution is plug-and-play, easy to deploy, and requires no cabling by using wireless communications. The smart smoke detector features low power consumption and a battery standby life of over 10 years. There is no need to frequently replace the battery which effectively reduces the maintenance costs.

The solution can report the fire status in real time and promptly generate fire alarms in terms of multiple dimensions, roles, and states to reduce loss of life and property. The solution can also access a Big Data platform to help the government make critical decisions and eliminate fire hazards.

The Smart Smoke Detector Solution helps operators explore new opportunities, increase revenues, and develop an entirely new market. The solution enables ordinary residents to prevent household fires with only a small investment and ensures the safety of residents’ lives and properties. Moreover, this solution effectively helps the government and fire departments enhance fire protection to prevent economic losses and physical damages caused by fires.

Success Stories

Huawei and China Unicom (Shanghai) have jointly deployed 200 Hothink pilot smart smoke detectors in a subdistrict in Shanghai. Once a fire occurs, the alarm system will automatically inform the property owners, property service personnel, and fire fighters using the text-to-speech (TTS) system. This can ensure prompt evacuation, minimize casualties, prevent economic losses and physical damages caused by fires, and commercialize operations of public fire services.