Sensor Industry Working Committee

The Sensor Industry Working Committee is managed and directed by China Integration and Innovation Alliance of Internet and Industry (CIIAII). It proactively serves as a bridge in multiple sectors and promotes the integration and innovation of the Internet and industry through further development, transformation, and upgrades.

As the vice-director unit of CIIAII and director committee unit of Sensor Industry Working Committee, Huawei aims to build a harmonious and mutually beneficial ecological system in the sensor industry by cooperating with customers, standard organizations, and industry partners in consultancy, integration, and technologies. This will promote the development of intelligent sensor technologies in energy, power, manufacturing, and other industries and promote the industrial transformation and upgrades in China.

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Joining the Working Committee


1. The candidate unit must maintain a sound financial position and satisfactory reputation.

2. The candidate unit must be an independent legal entity or organization with business scopes in the sensor industry.

Method of Participation:

1. Fill in Sensor Industry Working Committee Application Form and submit it to Huawei for approval.

2. Huawei reviews qualification.

3. Huawei informs the units that passed the qualification review and releases application results on Huawei website.

Member Units