World's First Sub-6GHz 5G Test Bed

Huawei proposes bands blow 6 GHz as the primary working frequency of 5G. At the Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2015, Huawei demonstrated the world's first 5G testbed working on Sub-6 GHz frequency band.

Figure: Static Display of Huawei Sub-6GHz 5G Test Bed Sample in MWCS 2015

Huawei has completed the verification of the key technologies of 5G on the Sub-6 GHz testbed, such as the new waveform Filtered-OFDM, the new multiple access technology SCMA, the new channel coding Polar Code, and the new deplex mode full-duplex. On this testbed the transmitter and receiver use a communication matrix of 18 layers, the modulation and demodulation mode is 64 QAM, and the bandwidth is 200 MHz. The test result shows that the data rate on the air interface can reach 10.31 Gbps, that is, a spectrum efficiency of 51.6 bps/Hz.

The result proves that key 5G air interface technologies, namely Filtered-OFDM, SCMA, and Polar Code proposed by Huawei can improve spectral efficiency by 300% without adding extra base stations, antennas, and spectrums.