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Enabling Superior Network Experience and Building a Sustainable Mobile Communications Industry

With large scale LTE deployment currently in construction and industry-wide interest in the topic of 5G, Eric Xu, Huawei’s Rotating CEO, shared his own point of view and prosperity on Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2014. He believes 5G should work for mobile Internet to make it strong. In the meantime, 5G should provide strong support for the development of the Internet. With regards to 5G technology, Xu stated that 5G is expected is to provide a better MBB experience by meeting the requirements of high spectrum rates, high peak rates, large number of connections and 1ms latency, allowing operator networks to support more Mobile Network of Things (MoT) connections and thereby promoting the MBB industry.


5G, the Way to a Super-Connected World

Today’s emerging technologies like immersive audio-video applications, IoT, and Industry 4.0, are encouraging us to dream about a much smarter and a fully-connected future world. Dreams for a better future brings unprecedented opportunities to the mobile industry. Technology innovations, especially 5G innovation, are accelerating our pace towards the better connected world. It is widely anticipated that the near future eventually witness the materialization of new experiences and applications like driverless car, remote surgery, virtual reality, and VR-based immersive entertainment.

In the keynote speech at the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Ken Hu, Huawei's Rotating CEO, shared his opinions on 5G by answering three key questions: Why do we need 5G? What is 5G? And why do we need 5G?


Defining 5G

5G will enable "Everything on Mobile

Wireless networks are changing the way people communicate and access information. Mobile access network, by enabling connections anytime and anywhere, is transforming the telecom industry. In the near future, wireless access will eventually prevail. 5G technology will allow a flexible, reliable, and secure wireless networks to connect people with all applications, services, and things, thus leading human race into the era of "Everything on Mobile".

5G will face unprecedented challenges

In the "Everything on Mobile" era, mobile networks must meet requirements more diverse than ever. These requirements can be identified from three dimensions: number of connections, latency, and throughput. These three dimensions together will bring unprecedented challenges to future 5G networks.

  • Peak data rate per user: 10 Gbps, 4 times of the capability of current 4G network
  • End-to-end latency: 1 ms, 1/50 of best latency of current 4G network
  • Number of connections: 1 million per square kilometers, 100 times of current 4G network

5G, Create New Opportunities

Voice of Industry

Dr. Tong's 5G Vision

5G Elites

Dr. Wen Tong

  • IEEE Fellow, Huawei Fellow
  • Huawei’s Chief 5G scientist
  • Vice President of Huawei Wireless Research
  • Head of Huawei Communications Technologies Lab
  • Director of Wi-Fi Alliance
  • Fellow of Canadian Academy of Engineering

Dr. Peiying Zhu

  • Huawei Fellow
  • Chief expert of Huawei Communications Technologies Lab
  • Over 20 years of experience in telecommunications industry
  • Key contributor of 3G & 4G technologies
  • Pioneer of OFDM-MIMO technologies

5G Innovation and Practice

Technical Innovation

5G will have the following significant characteristics: peak rate of 10 Gbps, ultra-low latency of 1 ms, 100 billion connections. These characteristics require more spectrum, and more importantly, revolutionary innovations in air interface technologies and network architecture.

Industrial Alliance

To share its technology research achievements with the entire 5G industry, Huawei is collaborating closely with the major organizations in the 5G ecosystem, including METIS in EU, 5GPPP in EU, IMT-2020 in China, 5GMF in Japan, and 5G Forum in South Korea.

Collaboration with Operators

Over the past decades, Huawei has established close partnership with the world's top operators for technical innovations. At this early stages of 5G innovation, their mutual trusts and confidence once again bring Huawei these leading mobile operators together to explore the possibilities of 5G.

Huawei's 5G Milestones

Huawei initiated 5G research project in 2009. In the following years, Huawei’s 5G team has been continuously contributing its exciting breakthroughs to the development of 5G industry, including the identification of future requirements, earliest field tests of air interface technologies, world’s first sub-6 GHz 5G prototype...


5G Video

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World's First 5G Field Trial of Low and High Band

Huawei and CMCC Joint Test of 5G POC Prototype on C-Band

Huawei and CMCC Joint Test of 5G POC Prototype Above 6GHz

Huawei and DT Demo 5G E2E Network Slicing

Huawei Launches 5G Testbed in the UK

Voice of Industry

Dr. Tong's 5G Vision

Dr. Tong Interviewed by Total Telecom TV

5G, Future Is Defined Today

5G, the Way to a Super-Connected World

Enabling Superior Network Experience and Building a Sustainable Mobile Communications Industry

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