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Issue 37(01/2008)

Let us COMMUNICATE beyond technology and together understand the latest industry trends, analyze successful cases, find out about leading technologies and much more.
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Yang Weijun, Director of Huawei Carrier Solutions Department: Globalization and rapid Internet development have pushed the telecom market into becoming a more open arena with even stiffer competition.

Experts' Forum

Executives throughout Asia Pacific have participated to exchange views on key trends and share experiences in broadband, Web 2.0 and service innovation.

Cover Story

In many developing countries large-scale population mobility results from regional economic imbalances, and, some operators have derived commercial opportunities from this phenomenon and gained market success.

Main Topic

Operators tend to implement a low tariff strategy for the emerging market. Obviously, this must be supported by a cost control tactic, and as such operators are forced to identify sustainable TCO reduction methods.

What are the decisive factors influencing telecom consolidation over the short term? What are the possible directions that consolidation can follow? Which should be selected?

How can traditional operators continue to make profits? Super Girl, a Chinese TV show, illustrates that user resources offer huge possibilities waiting to be exploited.

Increasing numbers of operators are realizing that the delivery of an appropriate information bundle to a given user represents the sole means of escaping the information maze.

How to Operate

what are the general principles for tariff package design? How can a tariff package guarantee a personal touch in terms of an end user's needs?

Channels affect the speed and efficiency of commodity delivery, and those who can establish and manage them in a quicker, more effective way are more likely to attain a leading market position.

What transformation steps are necessary for operators to success in broadband service? H3G provides some enlightenment regarding this issue.

Operators have recognized that the future of network is indeed in broadband which capitalizes on higher speed to cater for new generation services and supports on mobility needs of its users.

Media Insight

It has become widely accepted that operators must look beyond the two traditional revenue streams of voice and SMS to new data services, in order to drive growth and boost profits.


After detailed analysis and summary of ILECs' transformation strategies, three steps have been proposed to achieve fixed network transformation.

With years of practice, the telecom industry has taken many effective measures to minimize negative environmental impact.