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Issue 46(01/2009)

Let us COMMUNICATE beyond technology and together understand the latest industry trends, analyze successful cases, find out about leading technologies and much more.
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Alex Deng from Huawei Software: As the telecom industry continues to integrate with other industries such as the Internet and mass media to a greater degree, traditional operators will become more like comprehensive communications service providers.

Voices from Operators

Yemen Mobile has the biggest market share and is a respectful brand in Yemen telecom market. Sadek M. Mousleh, CEO of Yemen Mobile shared their strategies in market development and network expansion.

Yasser Abdel Naby, Networks and Projects Director at Telecel Globe, share his views on how Telecel Globe sees the Sub-Saharan market and its strategies to explore the market, capitalize opportunities and meet challenges.

Convergence • Tailored solutions

The combined knowledge of mobile networks and applications has to date been channeled into new technologies and business models relating to the project.

In the long run, BSS system transition is inevitable and a vital part of operators' strategic transformation. Its potential should be constantly explored during new operations.

The article reviews experience and lessons learned from the construction of the IN and features a comparative analysis of the SDP.

Strategy • New opportunities

Social network software (SNS) has emerged as a popular and increasingly mainstream area that operators have extensively researched and are beginning to enter.

Once the telecom industry gets into a recessionary cycle there will be stronger impetus for market share and more needed capital. It can be predicted that 2009-2010 will mark a very difficult and crucial period.

All markets begin in small niches, as mighty forests start with one tiny fertile seed. The trick is to find and propagate niche markets in a timely manner.

The color ring back tone (CRBT) market has enjoyed significant success and brought in substantial income throughout the world. Is there a secret to success in CRBT operations?

The new business model innovations can be categorized as HaaS, SaaS, and cloud computing.

Operation • Successful modes

The VoIP-based unified communications solution not only meets the needs of cross-regional enterprise communications but also reshapes the enterprise communications landscape.

The booming call center business is a force that flattens the world and its impact is dramatic in the Asia Pacific Region.

Competition in the telecom market describes a heated battle for customers. In response, the multimedia call center has emerged, bringing customers a fresh, value-added service experience.

Enjoy • Enhanced experience

To keep pace with the rapid rise of convergent video services, operators need optimize, assemble, and standardize the IPTV platform's support capabilities.

Ads are anywhere that media exists, and the golden goose for Internet giants including Google. Can advertising continue going for the gold in the fifth media?

Such message activities not only help operators to identify the specific interests of a certain set of subscribers, but also to gain a greater insight into the nature of the relationship between subscribers.