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Issue 53(12/2009)

Let us COMMUNICATE beyond technology and together understand the latest industry trends, analyze successful cases, find out about leading technologies and much more.
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Ding Yun, President of Huawei Customer Solution and Sales Support Department: While dramatically boosting subscriber numbers, mobile broadband fails to bring up revenues correspondingly. To combat these challenges, we must look at the issue from a number of angles.

Experts' Forum

Yukiyasu Sakamoto, the Director of the Global Business Office, Technology Innovation Department at NTT West, delineates the company's broadband strategy for service development and network deployment.

In the eyes of Bharti Airtel, fixed broadband is an equally promising market replete with opportunities. Mr. Shankar Halder, the Group CTO of Access Networks, describes the company's ambitions in the fixed broadband field and the domestic challenges they must overcome.

After gathering solid market research and meticulously planning service, China Mobile Zhejiang has optimized its networks and O&M systems to beat the competition with innovative full-service operation.

France Telecom (FT) began its convergence journey in 2005. Damien Schaepelynck, the Director of Marketing & Service Development at Orange Labs Beijing, describes NExT, the convergence experience, and Unik, an example of FT's FMC service.

Main Topic

Fundamental changes are impacting information service providers and forcing them to leverage their unique competitive advantages in the search for new growth points. Multi system operators (MSOs) are also affected by current trends, and are seeking ways to sustain a strong market position.

National broadband initiatives are blooming across the globe and transforming the telecom landscape. In this context, a successful national broadband strategy requires a mature ecosystem for future development and a strong input from government.

A Smart City efficiently handles the information boom and creates value across many sectors. Based on a combination of virtual and physical infrastructure and intelligent functions powered by network and IT technologies, Smart City offers a perfect lifestyle choice for individual users.

Business Mode

SoftBank Mobile conducts the fastest 2G to 3G evolution in Japan. After the acquisition on Vodafone K.K. in March 2006, the operator has sustained leading subscriber growth rates for an impressive 26 consecutive months despite a saturated market and intense competition.

Exploring the new turf of emerging markets requires specialized tactics for 3G operations. Mobile environments there can be vastly different compared to mature markets.

A tidal wave of data, the spike in sales of smart phones and the popularity of mobile broadband plans have fueled explosive growth in the mobile broadband market. The trick is for operators to maximize profits by capitalizing on the opportunities of the 3G era and avoid being mere pipes.

Homogeneous competition tends to degenerate into a price war to win customers. However, for operators, is it an inevitable trade off for them to leverage profits through terminal subsidy, low prices, and discounts for attracting subscribers? Learn more

Network Strategy

Mobile broadband services have seen increased traffic but the revenues have lagged behind. Operators need to adopt new strategies to build low-cost, high-performance mobile broadband networks.

The emergence of mobile Internet has caused data traffic to soar to a level that will lead to more complex risks in network and operation than the voice era. Synergy between networks and services has become one of the preconditions of success.


As wireless communications technologies have developed, interference between wireless networks has grown more troublesome. When operators start to deploy LTE networks, how can operators address the more complex type of interference between wireless networks?

It is a current trend among powerful operators to expand through mulitnational operations. Yet, risk is inevitable at the same time. Know more about the major obstacles confronting them and the key to their operation success.