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Issue 57(09/2010)

Let us COMMUNICATE beyond technology and together understand the latest industry trends, analyze successful cases, find out about leading technologies and much more.
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Zha Jun, President of Huawei Network Product Line: Speed and efficiency decide who wins in the ICT industry. To help operators win the coming FTTH race, SingleFAN would provide an optimal choice.

Experts' Forum

Ao Li, an expert in ITU-T SG15: The standardization of 10G EPON and 10G GPON is now almost complete and the industry is expecting a mature ecosystem and the commercialization of 10G PON.

June 2010, Yoichi Maeda, Chairman of ITU-T Study Group 15, announced the consent of Parts III and IV of the 10G-PON technical specifications, which guides the direction of mass PON deployment.

Ron Kline, Principal Analyst at Ovum: In an era of convergence and ever-growing data traffic, evolution is required in the metro and backbone networks to help operators consolidate revenue and create new opportunities.

Cover Story

FTTx has emerged as an optimal solution for the ultra broadband era, and leading players like Etisalat, Nucleus Connect, and China Mobile have started their successful journey.

Main Topic

Avatar ignited a worldwide obsession with 3D; will this sudden frenzy bring with it a wave of broadband construction.

By providing superior big-screen user experience, operators can boost home user spending on telecom services and increase the efficiency of enterprise users to improve their overall revenue.

Increasing number of countries are deploying fiber-optic networks to enhance competitiveness and spur economic development, and FTTx is more than ready to give operators a stronger market position.

How to Operate

How should operators deploy and optimize the FTTx system to minimize carbon emission? The joint LCA case study by Telecom Italia and Huawei on FTTx carbon efficiency evaluation provides valuable reference.

China Unicom Guangdong gives a deep analysis on the optical distribution network (ODN) – a key component that impacts the total cost, system performance and reliability of FTTH networks.

Working together with Huawei, China Telecom Quanzhou has gained fruitful results from FTTx deployment, service provisioning, and network O&M.

In 2009, China Telecom Xi'an's FTTx penetration rate stood at 26%, giving the operator a wealth of experience in FTTx network planning and construction.

Connecting 1.5 million households in 2010 and the entire Shanghai by 2012, the Metro Optical Network (MONET) is giving China Telecom Shanghai a new momentum for growth. Zhang Jun, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Telecom Shanghai, shares his insights.


Knowing how to efficiently deploy a massive FTTx network will help maintain your competitive edge.

How to ensure the smooth migration from PON to 10G GPON and their coexistence? An analysis on the scenarios, NMS and OSS would help to solve the issue.

As a smart fiber network manager, the iODN solution can help improve O&M efficiency and protect ODN investment.

Operators can benefit from the SingleFAN broadband access solution's simplified network architecture, enhanced efficiency and decreased OPEX.

Leading Edge

Crosstalk between lines and external interference are degrading the performance of VDSL2. Fortunately, there are a variety of DSL technologies to help solve the problem.

The business processes and corresponding descriptions of eTOM can be further refined and clarified by decomposing Level 3 processes to lower levels.