Huawei Updates

Huawei's Rotating CEO Ken Hu: “Innovation Is a Marathon”

22 May, 2015

Companies seeking to innovate successfully must commit to a long-term program of investment in research and development, Huawei’s Deputy Chairman and Rotating CEO Ken Hu said in a speech about Huawei’s innovation philosophy at the 14th Munich Economic Summit.

Huawei Showcases Diverse Application Potential of

22 May, 2015

Huawei showcased the diverse application potential of its innovative Huawei eLTE Solution at Critical Communication World Congress (CCW) 2015 in Barcelona. With an exhibition space of more than 300 square meters, Huawei demonstrated the application potential of its Huawei eLTE Solution in six specific areas including: rapid deployment, safe city, digital traffic, electric power, eLTE industry alliance achievements, and eLTE industry cooperation.

Huawei Launches Agile Campus 3.0 Solutions to Enable High Quality Wireless Access Experience

22 May, 2015

Huawei launched its Agile Campus 3.0 Solutions, with key highlights including the Ethernet Network Processor (ENP)-based Wi-Fi acceleration algorithm, Wi-Fi soft handover technology, 2.5GE access switch and 100GE line card, and Agile Mobile Solution. Huawei’s Agile Campus 3.0 products and solutions are based on innovative agile wireless access technologies and are developed to enhance wireless campus network access quality, which ultimately improves mobile access user experience.

Huawei Unveils Advance Persistent Threat Big Data Security Solution at Huawei Network Congress 2015

22 May, 2015

Huawei unveiled its Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Big Data Security Solution at Huawei Network Congress (HNC) 2015. The solution protects the core information assets of enterprises from APT attacks by providing fully-connected network protection covering cloud, pipe, and devices. The solution leverages Huawei’s FireHunter series of security sandbox products, Cybersecurity Intelligent System (CIS), and the USG6000V series of software firewall products. Huawei also announced plans to form a Cloud Clean Alliance (CCA) to provide real-time cleaning services for denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks worldwide and protect bandwidth availability of links and continuity of data center services.

Huawei Wins Best Cloud/Virtualised IMS Solution Award

21 May, 2015

Huawei today announced that its Cloud IP Multimedia System (IMS) has won the Best Cloud/Virtualised IMS Solution award at the 2015 IMS World Forum hosted by Informa in Amsterdam. Huawei Cloud IMS was recognized for its technical innovation, industrial contributions and commercial capabilities.

Huawei and Puppet Labs Collaborate to Enhance Software-defined Networking Efficiency of Huawei’s Networking Devices

21 May, 2015

Huawei and leading IT automation software provider Puppet Labs today announced its partnership at Huawei Network Congress 2015 to bring the benefits of automating network configurations to organizations in Europe and Asia Pacific. Through the collaboration, Puppet will be the first configuration management solution for Huawei’s networking devices, setting a standard for software defined networking (SDN). Beginning with the CloudEngine series of switches, Huawei will pre-install Puppet Enterprise agents on CloudEngine devices and will develop Puppet modules on the NetDev standard, allowing customers to bring their Huawei networking devices under Puppet Enterprise control from day one. Joint customers will be able to extend Puppet’s management throughout the datacenter, making SDN and its benefits a reality.

Huawei Introduces Cloud Fabric 3.0 Architecture

21 May, 2015

Huawei today launched its cloud service-oriented Cloud Fabric 3.0 Architecture at the HNC2015 (Huawei Network Congress 2015). By leveraging software defined network (SDN) technology, it supports fast service innovation and implementation, and efficient ICT resource integration in the cloud computing era.

Huawei Launches World’s First Software-defined Networking-based Agile Internet of Things Solution

21 May, 2015

Huawei today launched the world’s first software-defined networking (SDN)-based Agile Internet of Things (IoT) Solution at Huawei Network Congress (HNC) 2015. The solution enables objects to connect to the Internet and communicate with each other, while enabling convenient network management and maintenance.

Huawei Showcases its LTE Capabilities at Southeast Asia LTE Summit 2015

21 May, 2015

Huawei today hosted the Huawei Southeast Asia LTE Summit 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. Building on the success of last year’s inaugural event, the Summit held in Bangkok this year has brought together industry experts and key players to share the latest and best deployment practices and to address the opportunities and challenges as we enter the LTE era.

Business-Driven ICT Infrastructure Enables the New Industrial Revolution

20 May, 2015

Huawei today introduced its guiding principle for the enterprise market, to build Business-driven ICT Infrastructure (BDII), at the annual Huawei Network Conference (HNC) 2015 in Beijing. With a focus on customer-centric innovation, Huawei’s BDII guiding principle will lead the way to the next industrial revolution by facilitating in-depth integration of ICT infrastructure development and software applications, development of innovative infrastructure, and joint innovation efforts with partners.

Huawei Introduces Vision and Spectrum Strategy for ‘5G/4.5G’ and ‘National Broadband Network (NBN) 2020’ at International Regulatory Conference (IRC) 2015

20 May, 2015

Huawei today introduced its vision and spectrum strategy for 5G/4.5G and National Broadband Network (NBN) 2020 at the International Regulatory Conference 2015 (IRC 2015). Outlining its strategy in these areas for the first time to regulators, Huawei appealed for the acceleration of a global spectrum release and lower spectrum price to build a better connected world.

Huawei’s Agile Network 3.0 Architecture Launched at Huawei Network Congress 2015

20 May, 2015

Huawei today announced the launch of its Agile Network 3.0 Architecture at the HNC2015 (Huawei Network Congress 2015) themed “From Agility to Imagination” that is taking place in Beijing. As a highlight of the latest version of Huawei’s Agile Network architecture, Huawei introduced its Agile Internet of Things (IoT) solution. The solution enables enterprises to build an agile IoT infrastructure to capture infinite business possibilities and to realize the digitization of areas such as production, manufacturing and logistics.

Huawei Hosts 3rd eLTE Industry Alliance Summit to Promote Better Connected Industries through Open Cooperation

19 May, 2015

Huawei held the 3rd eLTE Industry Alliance Summit in Barcelona, bringing together more than 200 industry peers to share insights on current trends around global broadband trunking standards, the alliance’s latest developments and cooperation achievements, as well as eLTE solutions best practices from Huawei and partners across various industries. Able to satisfy the high-level network requirements of the industry, eLTE solutions have been widely applied to areas of safe city, Industry 4.0 intelligent factories, and intelligent transportation, helping governments and enterprise customers to continuously improve their operating efficiency and security.

Huawei and Qualcomm Jointly Complete CAT11-based 3CC CA+256QAM Test, Reaching 600 Mbit/s Rate

19 May, 2015

Huawei and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, have jointly announced the completion of tests using LTE CAT11 terminals. By aggregating three component carriers (3CC CA) with 256QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) on each of the carriers, a CAT11 terminal can reach a downlink peak data rate of up to 600 Mbit/s.

Huawei Hosts Huawei Network Congress 2015 to Showcase the Next Strategies in Internet of Things

18 May, 2015

Huawei will host its third network congress on May 20-21, 2015, showcasing the latest Internet of Things technologies, strategies, products and capabilities. Themed ‘From Agilty to Imagination’ the event focuses on agile networking and taking the IoT to the next level.

Huawei becomes GridAKL’s foundation partner

13 May, 2015

Huawei has become the foundation partner of Auckland’s thriving innovation hub – GridAKL – in a $1 million sponsorship which is expected to help Auckland’s most innovative ICT and digital companies make inroads into international markets.

4.5G Broadband to Open Digital World and Expand Middle East Business Opportunities

13 May, 2015

Huawei has charted a roadmap for the telecom industry’s evolution towards 4.5G broadband services, specifying the core drivers, technologies and business impact of such services.

Huawei-CSR Europe Sustainability Conference

13 May, 2015

Jun 04, 2015, Brussels, Belgium

Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2015

08 May, 2015

April 21-23, Shenzhen, China

Huawei Launches New European Research Institute to Gear up European Digitization Progress and Achieve Win-Win Outcomes

07 May, 2015

Huawei announced the launch of its European Research Institute (ERI) at the European Business Summit (EBS) in Brussels. The Institute, to be located in Leuven, Belgium, represents a milestone in the company’s global innovation strategy. As a key tool for helping Europe achieve the targets of its Digital Agenda, the Institute will further strengthen the ongoing partnership between Huawei and European industry.

Huawei Releases Industry’s First Hexa-band Miniature Antenna on 700/850-900MHz for Asia Pacific

07 May, 2015

Huawei held its Antenna & AAU (Active Antenna Unit) Summit for Asia Pacific regional carriers in Bali. The event was attended by major carriers, government officials and industry analysts in the region. At the summit, Huawei released its newest hexa-band antenna on 700/850-900MHz. This antenna supports easy deployment, higher capacity, better performance, faster capacity expansion towards future evolution and other features, allowing carriers to rapidly deploy higher capacity LTE networks.

Huawei and Vodafone Achieve a Major M-PESA Milestone in Kenya

06 May, 2015

Huawei today announced that its Mobile Money Platform is now supporting the M-PESA service for Safaricom, the leading mobile network operator in Kenya (part owned by Vodafone). Migrating the service to Huawei’s open, secure, flexible and high performing Mobile Money Platform has realized the goal of “bringing M-PESA home” to Safaricom users. The platform migrated all 12.8 million active subscribers overnight, and will facilitate Safaricom rapidly improving functionality for users across the country.

Huawei and Ovum Release Joint Quality Mobile Broadband Network whitepaper

06 May, 2015

Huawei and Ovum, a leading global technology research and advisory firm, have jointly released a Quality Mobile Broadband Network whitepaper. Focused on achieving quality network, the paper highlights the requirements for mobile network operators to attract and retain subscribers.

Huawei Named as a Strong Performer in Private Cloud Market in China in a Forrester Report

04 May, 2015

Huawei was named as a strong performer in The Forrester Wave™: Private Cloud Solutions in China, Q1 2015 report released by Forrester Research Inc, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world. Huawei was the only local vendor ranked as a strong performer and its score for market presence was the highest of all vendors evaluated.

Huawei Launches the World's First Fully Outdoor WDM Product

04 May, 2015

Huawei released the world's first fully outdoor Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) product at a TDC and Huawei joint global WDM/OTN seminar themed ‘Simplified Network for a Better Experience’. Used for carrying LTE/LTE-A common public radio interface (CPRI) services, the product helps drive down the costs of network deployment and operations and maintenance, realizing the baseband unit cloud (BBU Cloud).

Huawei VideoEverywhere Wins the ‘Best Multiscreen TV Solution’ at TV Connect 2015

04 May, 2015

Huawei today announced that its VideoEverywhere Solution has won the ‘Best Multiscreen TV Solution’ award at the TV Connect 2015 industry awards ceremony held in London.

Huawei Defines ‘Carrier-grade 4K’ Standard in Video Domain

30 Apr, 2015

Huawei presented its ‘Carrier-grade 4K’ standard in video domain, during the annual video exhibition, TV Connect, held in London. The solution delivers an improved video service to users through sharper colors, increased bandwidth, and excellent operations. Huawei also presented a number of other video solutions and facilitated discussions with industry experts.

Huawei Releases its Managed Services ‘Seven Key Elements for Operation Quality Improvement’

30 Apr, 2015

Huawei released its Managed Services ‘Seven Key Elements for Operation Quality Improvement’ at the Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications (QuEST) Forum Best Practices Conference in Tokyo, Japan. The QuEST Forum created and developed the TL9000 standard, a Quality Management System designed to meet the supply chain quality requirements of the international telecommunications industry. Since 2013, global leading operators and Managed Services vendors, including Huawei have collaborated with QuEST Forum to commence research into Managed Services standards.

Huawei Holds Safe City Africa Summit in Cape Town

29 Apr, 2015

Huawei today held its Safe City Africa Summit in Cape Town as a platform for more than 400 industry members to share insights, development trends and global success stories on public safety in cities and discuss ways to reduce crimes and reinforce city safety through establishing innovative ICT safe city solutions.

TM Forum Live! 2015

27 Apr, 2015

June 1,2015,Nice,France