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Issue 06(08/2010)

It's all about success! We aim to help you understand the industry better, with operator interviews, success stories and other accounts from industry insiders on what it takes to succeed in the fiercely competitive market.
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Without robust cloud computing infrastructure and network support, the iPad is merely an expensive toy for adults. In effect, mobile Internet growth calls for highly effective coordination between the terminal, pipe and service platform, says Ding Yun, President of Huawei Global Solution Sales Department.

Voices from Operators

To better enrich Egyptians' lives, Mobinil is vigorously untapping the potential of mobile communications, and 3G is especially one field. Mr. Hassan Kabbani, CEO of Mobinil, shared his insights into the vibrant and highly competitive Egyptian mobile arena.

Along with the blooming of MBB business, the rise in demand for bandwidth and a dearth of killer applications continue to present challenges for operators. Andy MacLeod, Director of Vodafone Technology Networks, has the way out.

When customers become used to high quality networks in a matured market where traditional voice business does not contribute revenues as much as it did in the past, what is the next step? Telenor Norway's CEO Ragnar Kårhus and CTO Rolv-Erik Spilling show the new day that the operator is heading.

Tao of Business

Social computing applications have met with tremendous success in recent years. For the telecom industry, it is important to note that social computing encompasses but goes much beyond Web 2.0...

Is revolution inevitable for business support system (BSS)? According to Susan L. McNeice, Vice President of Software Research with Yankee Group's Anywhere Network team, the answer is yes. Here is the reason behind...

Next generation mobile networks are coming, yet operational efficiency needs further enhancements. Sandro Dionisi, Head of the Telecom Italia Lab, outlines the key innovations in this field.


Reinhard Kreft, Chair of GSMA's Executive Management Committees, updates us on the major achievements and the future focus for LTE roaming...

Cable and satellite TV operators and Google-led IT pioneers are joining traditional telecom operators in exploring the broadband market and finding their niche segments...


China Telecom's subsidiary, Shanghai Telecom, is servicing the Expo with an IPv6 FTTx network and, through a flawless quality of experience, is adding its own touch of glamour to the event.

The World Expo is a great event to showcase the best achievements of human civilization, including telecommunications advancement. At the 2010 World Expo Shanghai, TD-LTE was first introduced, pointing to the future of 4G mobile broadband in China.

The World Expo is an unparalleled opportunity for countries around the world to showcase emerging technologies and applications. At the Shanghai World Expo 2010, China Mobile's TD-LTE network allows users to enjoy cutting-edge mobile broadband services.

With timely execution of the packet-switched project, Aircel was able to quickly roll out services in new telecom circles that resulted in a fivefold growth of mobile data subscribers while supporting a 20-fold increase in traffic.

MegaFon, one of the top three operators in Russia, has been growing strongly in both revenue and customer acquisition, at a level far above local average. Amid 2009 financial crisis, MegaFon shined all the same.

Keenly aware of its huge potential and strategic importance with the advent of 3G, China Mobile is going all out to promote mobile reading. The service provides a new choice of lifestyle through 3G and is a powerful rendering of the idea that “mobility changes life”.
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