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China Telecom IPv6 shines at World Expo

China Telecom: IPv6 shines at World Expo


The music begins, lasers flash, and fountains dance. Fireworks illuminate the Huangpu River with spectacular color, and the whole dazzling event is relayed live on the world' s largest LED screen. Thus began the 41st World Expo in Shanghai, a six-month cultural and technological extravaganza. As one of the partners of this grand event, China Telecom' s subsidiary, Shanghai Telecom, is servicing the Expo with an IPv6 FTTx network and, through a flawless quality of experience, is adding its own touch of glamour to the event.

Covering an area of 5.28 square kilometers, the Expo Park is the largest venue in the history of the World Expo. Spanning the Huangpu River from Pudong (the East of Huangpu River) to Puxi (the West of Huangpu River), the park comprises an array of national, themed, and corporate pavilions; the Urban Best Practices Area (UBPA); and a wealth of homestay accommodation around the Park. To deploy a high-speed broadband network that covers such a large area is no easy task.

China Telecom Shanghai began planning the network a year before the Expo kicked off. After evaluating and testing the leading solutions, the operator selected fiber broadband access and next-generation Internet technology to service the Expo, choosing Huawei to employ its FTTx and IPv6 solutions.

On the first day of the Expo, Huawei' s FTTx devices had been fully deployed in the Pudong section of the Park, covering the national and corporate pavilions, the International Broadcasting Center (IBC), the Expo Performance Center, and the Expo homestays. By connecting to the IPv6 core backbone, the FTTx network provides IPv6 services to meet venue communication requirements, broadband access, mass video and information transfer, and Internet data services.

Perfect blend of IPv6 and Blu-ray

At 8 pm, April 30, 2010, the lavish opening ceremony began. Eight large newsrooms in the IBC accommodated key media professionals, including representatives from China' s top media CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, and People' s Daily. All eyes were focused on the opening ceremony, which was broadcast live on large LED screens with outstanding image quality. When the last firework above the Huangpu River expired and gave way to the night sky, the newsroom thundered with applause at the success of the opening ceremony and its flawless transmission.

Constructed by China Telecom Shanghai and Huawei, the IPv6 optical network and Blu-ray IPTV platform combined to enable the live broadcast via IPTV. The advanced IPv6 FTTH network covers the first floor of the IBC, which comprises 8 large newsrooms, 32 small newsrooms, and a media room that can seat 300. In addition to providing conventional private line technology, the network is designed to transfer massive videos and news data via the IBC. With the IPv6 FTTH network seamlessly connecting to the operator' s IPv6 CNGI core node in Pudong, the solution forms an E2E IPv6 network connection between the access and core networks.

China Telecom Shanghai has thus perfectly united IPv6, FTTH, and Blu-ray – the three most advanced broadband video technologies. Blu-ray delivers unparalleled clarity, while the IPv6 FTTH network guarantees basic ultra-broadband (UBD) services, making the network an industry highlight and a fitting technological achievement for the Expo.

IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack network access

Resonating with the Expo' s slogan of "better city, better life", China Telecom Shanghai' s vision is of bringing cutting-edge technology into the ordinary home. With Huawei, this has been realized as part of the Expo project, following the launch of the world' s first IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack router terminal, bringing the most advanced network technology experience to household users in the Park area.

By deploying an IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack terminal, residents near the Expo Park now have access to an unprecedented surfing experience that not only inherits the features of IPv4 access technology, but also enables access to more IPv6 websites through the IPv6 network, expanding content offerings considerably.

Thanks to close cooperation between China Telecom Shanghai and Huawei, IPv6 is adding greater color to the 41st World Expo through cutting-edge technology that genuinely enriches life. China Telecom Shanghai has expressed the value it places on its "perfect" cooperation platform with Huawei, and anticipates that the two scale the solution to cover the whole of Shanghai, and thus truly realize the operator' s vision.


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