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TD-LTE connecting World Expo

TD-LTE connecting World Expo


Nascent, large, and stringent

The TD-LTE network covering the Shanghai Expo not only provides an impressive array of mobile broadband services for users, but also exhibits China' s innovative capabilities. The network' s key concepts can be embodied by three simple adjectives: nascent, large, and stringent.

TD-LTE as a nascent technology, its debut at the Expo requires nothing short of a flawless network performance, especially given the high profile of the global event. As a conceptually verified technology, TD-LTE is still in its experimental stage and the Shanghai World Expo is the perfect platform for its first live performance.

The TD-LTE network offers wide coverage and high peak traffic volume. The network covers the entire World Expo Park and 11 pavilions over an area of 5.28 square kilometers. An estimated 70 million visitors will visit the 6-month expo, with the number of daily visitors set to be a staggering 400,000. Such concentrated user density demands high O&M capabilities and robust network deployment.

During network construction, China Mobile faced considerable pressure. As a key representative domestic technology, TD-LTE is expected to deliver a high quality of experience (QoE) during the Expo, with full availability and unfailing reliability.

Deploying a flawless network

Thorough planning

TD-LTE distributed outdoor base stations were deployed for the first time and tested live at the Expo. Operating in a complex radio environment that spans numerous buildings, the 17 base stations cover the whole World Expo Park and part of the Huangpu River to provide seamless coverage across the entire event.

As China Mobile' s strategic partner, Huawei supplied all 17 distributed outdoor base stations; it also provided the end-to-end TD-LTE solution, which integrates the radio network, evolved packet core (EPC), transport network, service platform, and terminals. Huawei has also delivered a range of innovative high-speed mobile broadband services, such as instant video transfer, high-resolution (HD) mobile video, HD mobile monitoring, and HD mobile conferencing.

During network planning, both parties identified various engineering difficulties, site access limitations, and uncertainties. The innovative use of technology emerged as the expedient solution to ensure a top quality network.

As a first step, Huawei applied its GENEX network simulation and planning platform to ensure comprehensive network planning, minimize site relocation, and ensure high quality and efficient network optimization.

Secondly, Huawei planned the network based on different application scenarios, including park-wide coverage and routes for demo cars, test cars, buses, and cruise ships. Different baseline parameters were set for different scenarios to reduce readjustment and guarantee a solid network and service performance.

Efficient deployment

The network construction period was lengthened as the pavilion construction limited site access, as well as transmission and power resources. To facilitate network deployment within tight engineering deadlines, Huawei has standardized its operational processes for hardware installation and software commissioning, which has significantly enhanced engineering efficiency and quality.

With centralized planning and management, Huawei classifies project tasks by level and priority, as transport network and service platform are deployed at the same time with other tasks like site deployment and network optimization. This weekly plan is then subdivided into a daily plan, which empowers the team to implement multiple project arms simultaneously and more effectively integrate site deployment, optimization process, and service development. For example, when a site is deployed, network optimization begins immediately for service launch.

Strong R&D support

Strong R&D support is a must for TD-LTE network deployment and also for preempting bottlenecks as network optimization requires deep network understanding and necessitates algorithm adjustments.

By closely integrating its R&D and maintenance staff, Huawei strongly supports field maintenance staff with powerful R&D resources. This cooperation mode greatly assists and expedites problem location and network optimization, bringing the power of the TD-LTE network into full play, and laying a solid foundation for service development.

Outstanding services

After deployment, the TD-LTE network has passed quality and load tests, and technological verifications organized by the China Mobile Research Institute and the China Mobile Shanghai R&D Center. Results reveal that the TD-LTE services are of high quality and reliability.

May 1, 2010 marked the formal launch of the Shanghai World Expo and the Oriental Pearl opens its arms to embrace visitors from around the world. Covering the entire World Expo Park, the TD-LTE network continues to demonstrate its outstanding high-speed mobile broadband services to users. The services include: HD mobile monitoring, HD mobile conferencing, HD mobile VOD, instant video transfer, and high-speed mobile Internet access. Users also have the chance to experience TD-LTE services in the TD-LTE demo car and on the cruise ship.

The innovative range of TD-LTE services has deeply impressed visitors. Feedback so far has been highly positive, including comments such as "amazing", "excellent", and "milestone achievement". All eagerly anticipate the arrival of mobile broadband.


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