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Huawei Exhibits Latest Fixed-Line Solution in Africa and Middle East

(11 October 2004) Oct. 10 Tripoli, Libya -- A truck with a conspicuous slogan 'You Profit, Our Goal' arrived at the Fifth Symposium and International Exhibition on Communication and Information Technology, CIT 2004, commencing road show of latest solutions from China's technology giant - Huawei Technologies.

After having toured Europe earlier in the summer and accommodated over 2000 visitors, the trade show dubbed as 'Eastern Express' comes to Libya with Huawei's latest fixed network solution, involving NGN (SoftSwitch), NG-AN (next generation access network), data communications, IP bearer network QoS solution (IP telecom network), etc. It's reported that Huawei also presents in this trade show its newly developed value-added services, like WorkSpaceTM Unified Communications, triple play over DSL, IP CENTREX, U-PATHTM Communication Assistant, and other service solutions.

'What Huawei demonstrates are the solutions for carriers to profit in a changing industry,' said Shao-hua Ding, Huawei's president of Middle East & North Africa regional office, ... especially when everyone needs new perspectives and improved capabilities to obtain the competitive edge.' In the past few years, operators of wire-line network have confronted challenges such as how to stop the decreasing of revenue in competition with mobile network and grasp opportunity in the immature market of broadband. To reconstruct carriers' core competency, Huawei's solutions suggest that wire-line operators pay more attention to aspects of cutting down OPEX, promoting broadband services, improving the IP network to the carrier-grade, and delivering service customization and mobility.

Huawei's solutions characterized as big-savings, high-quality and excellent-service attract more and more recognition among global carriers. With distinctive capability of fast-response and customization, Huawei has achieved remarkable successes in the recent years. It's reported that Huawei's U-SYS NGN solution is ranked as world No.1 in latest DAI's report and its SmartAX DSLAM solution ranked No.2 according to Gartner. Moreover, Huawei's customers are not limited in China and other developing countries, but carriers in developed countries as UK, France, US, and Canada.

It is reported that the road show will continue in African countries as Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco, also in Turkey and eastern European countries as Ukraine and Belorussia. For carriers in these countries, this would be a good opportunity to learn and take advantage of the solutions from an uprising provider. As an internationalized enterprise from China, Huawei sees more and more appreciators around the world for its cutting-edge technological expertise, rapid service response, and more willingness to customization.

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